Sunday, January 02, 2011

mama knows best...

one of my girlfriends {lisa marie} whom i always keep in touch with since my beauty
 school days is a "Snowmama" for Park City Mountain resort!

i would LOVE nothing more than to be a "snowmama" next year for Park City!  
I am definitely hooked up with the right people for this awesome opportunity.

I mean C'mon who doesn't want to get paid to blog and ski and eat and play all 
in Beautiful Park City Utah!  

Lisa and I played on new years eve with Boston skiing all day. 
 The temperature was so cold 11 degrees actually but the snow was incredible! 
 Lisa is from Indianapolis and thought we were a bunch of wussy's for
 complaining about the temp. haha

 I also realized i am now a 'fair weathered' skier.

~heres to another new years resolution for this momma!
{just an extra plug}



Tim * Krista said...

We look forward to receiving your Snowmama application next year! We love Snowmama Lisa.

Snowmama Krista
Founder of

{jane} said...

that is awesome...i am going to keep my fingers crossed for you, AND ME, we could carpool as snowmamas!!!

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