Wednesday, January 26, 2011


we've had a fun filled busy weekend with Lots of boys...and my 2 girls!

my friend Cynthia and her hubby Michael went to california for a much needed
"birthday getaway!" 
 So her 4 boys came to play with us  these last few days.  oh yah, 8 kids!  Cory loved going
 to church with all of them on sunday, It felt like old times for him.  He is one of 8 kids!  
whomever has more than 4 children is pretty much my HERO!

Remember this post?  
 We love having these boys come and hang out with us.  they rock!  These guys were 
our neighbors in our last neighborhood and we still hang out as much as possible. 
Boston and my kids were in heaven!  playing xbox daily, dsi's, jump on it,
Tepanyaki and the Emergency Room!  

yep, apparently when you have all boys playing tackle football at jump on it then
 someone usually breaks something!  In our case it was Jacob! He broke his nose.  
He's 8 and SO SO tough.  He didn't even cry.
x-rays showed just a slight crack and everything will heal on its own, just fine. 
 ahhhhh... nothing like someone getting hurt while your babysitting them!

needless to say, this did not stop them from playing, wrestling and skiing!
we all took the day off on Monday since it was Incredibly, beautiful weather here in utah...
the two little boys had a ski day for their school on monday so they were in a 
lesson while i skied with Boston, Luke and Zach!

i pretty much just followed them everywhere and video'ed them at the "Terrain Park"  these boys seriously tried everything!  I love how awesome at skiing they are. 
Boston was catching some sweet air and criss-crossing his ski's while jumping!  
I love this!!

the pictures are lame because i only had my flip video... these pics are from my phone.

Proof that I took 5 boys skiing!

jump on it...


Kari said...

Looks so fun! Wish we had gone skiing! My nephew broke his arm when I was babysitting...I hate that!!!

{jane} said...

ok, you are so awesome - because, i would never even try to keep up with those boys while skiing!!! seriously, i bet they are ALL so much better than me!

and, i hope Jacob's nose heals quick! random: i've broken my nose like that 3 times - it's a bit crooked, but always healed on it's own. you'll have to check it out now, the next time you see me. ;)

curryclan said...

NO WAY!...
That is crazy - emergency room?
ugh! Our Au Pair is a pediatric nurse in Beijing and passed boards for US. Bring em over! Hahahaha!

You look good being a mom of ALL boys...

Idaho Penningtons said...

HAHAHAHA! I love the broken nose story! We really are twins! Everytime I babysit my neighbor Mackenzie she breaks something! Good thing I have my own private Orthopedic Surgeon!

Jenn Granum said...

What a beautiful ski day! It would be so fun to see all those boys do their tricks. I cannot believe that Jacob broke his nose! And McKay looks ginormous with little Hayes.

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