Monday, January 31, 2011

Science fair

Boston was very into the science fair this year.  He looked online for all sorts of awesome experiments.  
and literally did half of them at home. {daily}
He decided he wanted to do the "Bed of Nails" project.  It was fun for him to see that 
with a bed of nails a balloon would not pop unless given a TON of pressure.  He built his own
 bed of nails and painted it too.  Come to find out you can't display nails and sharp 
objects in school. ~ oops.

It was still super fun putting it all in pictures.  His teacher was totally on
 top of all the kids projects, they could not have help from parents. 
Do you even know how hard that is?
so he did this all by himself... even the display! 
 I think he did awesome!


Shannon said...

Good Job Boston!!! Okay, just so you know he is coming to Cedar Ridge next year, I am not taking no for an answer... I miss him too much! and I love it there! xoxo

Karen said...

Of the dreaded science fair. I am glad your guy was motivated. That's funny they wouldn't let him display it.

Kierstin said...

Way to go Boston! We are in the middle of the science fair is a busy time and I will be happy when it is over :)

L Johnson said...

Very cool project Boston! Great job on your display too;)

{jane} said...

Who would have known??? No exposed nails, ha! Reminds me of the 'no playing with sticks rule' at ivy hall, lol! Awesome project, we have had so many reports/projects around here lately, it's crazy!!!

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