Wednesday, January 12, 2011


~Congrats to the VIBE!!  
we didn't even have to vote... they were the Judges pick! 

onto the finals!!


tonight is the night to VOTE! Watch Paula Abudul's "Live To Dance" 
on CBS at 7pm and vote for "The VIBE"

The Vibe is our amazing Dance studio and my 
niece and all of her super uber talented dance friends are all in it!!   

There will be 6 groups dancing tonight and only 2 will be continuing on!
So every vote counts!!

I'm dying to see their dance tonight!!  
GO wit!!


Kierstin said...

I am so excited to watch! It is so cool that she is on the show! GO VIBE!!

curryclan said...

we should have a party

B's Mommy said...

WOOOOHOOOO!!!!! Amazing Job ThE ViBe!!!!!
Congratulations :) :)

{jane} said...

they did SO awesome! so, we were in the middle of about 20 things when the vibe was dancing...first of all we were watching it recorded, later that night, doing homework, dinner, bedtime...i only saw bits and planned on watching it again, then about two dances after them, DUSTY ACCIDENTALLY DELTED THE SHOW! we all about died. BUT, what i saw, was AWESOME!!! so excited for them!

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