Monday, June 29, 2009

roosters dumpling & noodle bar

Pretty much everything we ordered was FABULOUS!

I think this may be my new favorite restaurant. Great Service, Great Desserts and a cute quaint location.

Just don't park in the Keybank parking lot after hours
{thats a whole other story ;}

Bear Lake reunion...

We had the Taylor family reunion at Bear lake this year. We stayed in these darling little cabins that had bunk beds for the kids, a heater and plug ins to charge your ipods and iphones. ;)
Now that is what i call camping! haha

It was so much fun! The water is just beautiful and so clear. The cousins all loved playing together and they didn't seem to mind the cold water either.
We went Boating, had campfires, went running in flip flops, ate yummy meals with Dutch ovens, took family pictures, laughed, got bit by lots of mosquitos, played in the rain, sand and sun and made darling tie dyed t shirts.
It was fun just spending time together and enjoying the outdoors.

It is so fun to have so many cousins for these kids to play with, the best is that there are like 6 that are all about 1 yr apart and they were pretty much inseparable. Especially the little girls.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cooking class with Grandma

My mom has been here visiting and my little ones wanted a cooking class.  I think they just wanted to wear their aprons.
 They love to help out in the kitchen as much as possible. 

Grandma let them do EVERYTHING and they loved it.  They made Cupcakes for Papa JoJo's birthday.  

And another time with Mom

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Recital...

Tonight was Boston's Piano recital at the Tahitian Noni building where Le'o works.  It was so beautiful and the kids all did so amazing.  Seriously you know your teacher is fabulous when all these kids were performing pieces from Bach, Beethoven & Chopin.   

Let me explain a little bit about Boston, He decided one day he wanted to play the piano. Cory and I don't know how to play so we never pushed him.  He begged and begged until we got him lessons.  He always practices everywhere we go and plays all the time now.  Boston has just started in February.  Le'o said something sweet about each child who performed, and she said Boston was someone who has the ability to learn quick and has progressed so fast since she's been teaching him.

We are so proud of him, He played so good & confident like it was no big deal.
He continues to Love music and all instruments,  We can't wait to see what he wants to do next.

Boston performed the "twinkle variations" & "lightly row"

Le'o and Boston
{We just LOVE her}

all of the kids who performed tonight with Le'o
McCann family/Macey/Morgan/Hernandez family/Simpson family/Boston

Boston's Fan Club... 
Grandma marlene, papa jojo & aunt Mindy were there too, just not pictured

One of the highlights of the night for Boston was when Elder Holland shook his hand and told him he did a fantastic job.  He also told him he loves his hair. haha
Boston said he froze and didn't say anything, he was too excited to be shaking an apostles hand.  I love that he will always remember that.
We are so lucky to have so many little experiences with Elder Holland and his wife.  Boston's friend John is their Grandson and he also was at the recital.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

biking to borders

We have the best Neighborhood ever...

We decided last week to bike to borders and bajio so the kids could pick out their book club books for the summer.  The weather was just perfect and we had so many families join in.  It was so fun!
We missed you Jenn.

This is just a group of them.  We pretty much dominated 
carterville rd.  
I loved it~

Cynthia's bike had some issues so she quickly just grabbed my beach cruiser and it looked so fun.  I was wanting to trade her, since i had the trailer behind me.

Everyone had different age groups of clubs, so they all had so much fun picking out there books.
Olivia, Hayes, Lauren, Sela & Ava all picked this darling book...
my kids love these books.

Boston, Luke, Cayden, Micheal, Ethan & Zach all picked out this book.  I can only imagine how cool the book club party will be with this one.

9 months old ...

man oh man, i know i always say this, but she is growing up way to fast!  I wish i could freeze this age.  we all just lover her to pieces...

 She is the center of attention everywhere we go. This lady on the airplane told me she is going to need an "Ivy fix" and couldn't stop looking at her. It was so sweet.

She is very mobile, crawls and pulls herself up onto everything.   We all died laughing the other day,  she said "Hayes" it was so funny.  She says it daily.  Who would have thought that would be her first word. hahaha
I love when she sees her siblings or her Daddy, she gets so excited and throws her arms out to them and says "hi dada"  it melts her dads heart.  She waves Hi all the time!

She weighs 18 pds,  loves eating table food now, sleeps through the night and takes 2-3 fabulous naps.  We are pretty spoiled with this child...


We had a fun weekend with our Cute little cousin Rayne. 
My brother Chris was here with his family and their cute little 3 yr old who is actually bigger than my twins. haha
They played so cute and can't wait to play with her again.

We had all the cousins over on Sunday and it starts to get so crazy with my side of the family. LOTS were here and it was so fun!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Boston perfects the Gainer...

This kid has always been a flipper/trickster/back flippin fool...
Boston's friend  Jerin had a birthday party at All american gymnastics and the kids had the gym all to themselves.  A pit to jump in, 3 trampolines, rings, etc, etc..   they were pretty much in Heaven.  
 Hayes, Olivia and Ivy stayed with me by the trampolines while the other kids played Dodge ball and did tricks!

Jerin's Dad is the coach at the gym so he taught Boston how to do a Gainer and that is all he does now!  He makes everything look so easy...

Hayes loved jumping into the Foam pit, who wouldn't?!

Ivy now is EVERYWHERE... you sit her down and shes outta there

Liberty land...

We endured a few days of rain and couldn't wait to get outside and play at this cute place in Lehi.  It was just a few hours of fun at Liberty land {you know that place you see off the freeway in Lehi} and we loved it.  I love how there were so many activities to do for the big kids and lots for the little ones too!   Witney is such a sport and did all the rides too.

They have Rock climbing, arcades, laser tag, miniature golf, a fun rollercoaster that my kids did and actually Olivia loved.  Bounce houses, go karts & bumper boats...

{love Hayes' expression}

Witney and Livi's on the rollercoaster

Go Karts

bumper boats were so funny, no one wanted to get wet {b/c of the light rain} but they all wanted to do this.  This is Olivia and Camry screaming so bad because they got wet and the guy had to jump on their boat for the Rescue, seriously so hilarious!

Birthday Parties...

It took me a while to post these pictures from may, because we had so many birthday parties!  I was also waiting for some pictures.

Olivia's little cousin Lucy turned "3" and Belle came to her Princess/Prince birthday party.  Pretty much the cutest thing ever for these little kids.  
She LOVED it!
Hayes, was not going to be a prince he wanted to be a PIRATE, and didn't want anything to do with the party. haha

That same week we had Coop & Cam's {lucy's twin brothers}7th birthday party & our cousin Vinny's first birthday!
Super busy but super fun!!

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