Sunday, May 27, 2007


We went to see "Pirates" last night with Boston! We LOVED it!! It is seriously soooo dang good!

I am getting all ready for Lake Powell, I am actually all packed, so now i just need to get to Costco tomorrow and Pack all the food up! It will be so fun, We are going on our Houseboat with Jenn and Geoff's Family, Mindy and Brian's family, & Jill and Tylers Family, and then on another Houseboat it is Our neighbors, the Morton's and The Rhodes Families! So we will be very Busy with lots of Kids and Cousins!!!
Then they all leave on Saturday to come home and our family & Granums finish the rest of the Week off by ourselves! WOO HOO!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Papa & Uncle Shea!

Happy Birthday BOYS!!!
This is Cory's Brother (like you couldn't tell) and His Dad!
Hope you guys Have a Fabulous Day!
Shea, you must have got your good looks from your Older Brother Cory!! Your welcome for Posting a SWEET picture of you in your Biking attire!!!!! You little Stud Muffin!
We LOVE our Papa! I will always Love and Cherish all the Support and Guidance you gave to us throughout our "journey" with Parker! I love how you can always feel the spirit at ANYTIME. Your love for your family is exemplified in your Actions and goes Unnoticed!
We love you!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

School Oral REPORT!

Boston gave his Oral report today on Snakes! He and his Friend Jacob did such a good job on it! They knew every kind of snake and had picures of everything! It was grossing me out, how much they loved to talk about the ANACONDA! Ewwwwww they thought it would be cool to pass around a real snake! But there was NO way i was going to help out with that! So Jacob's mom brought a Snake skin they had from a snake and they passed it around in a Bag!
I should have thought about it earlier and had my Dad send his "Snake Skin" Cowboy hat that he made himself from a Rattlesnake that he Killed and Ate! ( i know its a little Man Vs. Wild, but that is my Dad) Boston would have thought that was So Cool!

We have Coop and Cam's Birthday party today after School and then Pack meeting for Scouts! Boston has a Baseball tournament this weekend and then if they win tournament they go onto the Championship on Monday!!
I just found little fold up chairs like Mine and Cory's for Hayes and Olivia to sit on while watching the games! (From Costco and Super cute with Monkeys and Elephants!)

Then I am packing and Shopping for food for our Lake Powell Vacation! We leave on Tues morning for 9 Days! WOO HOO!!!!
It's always so much work to get there but once we are on the Houseboat it's totally worth it!
9 days....On a Houseboat +No Cell Phones+ hanging out with your Family= PARADISE!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

I "LOVE" this Quote!

"In all of living, have much fun and Laughter.
Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured."
~Gordon B. Hinckley

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The "Game Ball"

Boston had a Double header today! One game started at 9 a.m. and then again at 6 p.m. So we stayed busy! The first game his friend Chase came up with us to watch him, and he played good and WON! The second game he hit everytime and Was playing Exceptionaly well, so he got the "Game Ball"! There were 3 kids who Hit Home runs in the same game, and Boston still got the "Game Ball" (which is a very big deal). He was just Grinning all night and was so proud of how Great he played, Oh and they WON again!!!
Hayes was a little Crazy today and would try to run as fast as he could out into the Ball field (while the game was going) We let him take off and run all the Bases when the Games are over, He thinks it is pretty cool! He is one BUSY little Kid!

Inbetween games we went to The Stonegate Pool to cool down with the Kids! We all LOVE that Pool! Hayes is quite daring with the water now! He starts laughing his head off when the water level is touching his Neck, which FREAKS me out!
My kids love the Water!

Last night we took Boston on a Date with us to see SHREK the Third! SOOOO Funny! We seriously laughed the whole time!
Then we went to get Boston his plant he has been wanting since Scouts the other night...."The Venus Fly Trap" He is so excited to see this plant catch bugs and Hold them!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Cory & Boston got tickets tonight to watch the Utah Jazz-Warriors game! Boston was so excited and We are hoping for a Great Ending to this Series! Right now the Game is So INTENSE they are always quite close with this team! I know they are having fun because Cory said it is So loud there that he probably won't be able to hear for a week!

I Scored a Goal at my Soccer game tonight! Woo Hoo....But unfortunatley we lost 5-6 !

A big fat.....WOO HOO!!! For the Jazz! They Won and It was a dang intense game! Holy Cow!
I am so excited that Cory and Boston got to be there for the Celebration, You couldn't have picked a Better game to see!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy Darren!!!

Happy Birthday to my Cute, Talented, Surfer Brother Darren today!!!
I LOVE YOU, and I am sure you are in Myrtle Beach somewhere with Mom and Joe eating at a Fabulous Seafood Place for dinner! (And i am so Jealous) Hope your having a Great Birthday!

May is also another BUSY Birthday Month:
Happy Birthday to:

My Niece Haley(May 12th)
My Niece, Lucy(May 20th)
My nephews Cooper and Camden & Caden Granum (May 22nd) all of them are turning "5"
My Father In law (May 25th)
My Brother in law Shea (may 26th)
Hope you all have a Great Birthday!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!

First off, i have to say that i think i am the luckiest mom in the whole wide world! How did i get such an amazing little family! My kids are so dang cute and i just love them to pieces and am so grateful to be their Mom!
Cory of course spoiled me with Beautiful Flowers, a new Dress, Shoes and a Beautiful 2 hour NAP! Boston Sang to me in Church today with all the Primary kids and when he came back to sit down, Olivia said really LOUD "Good Job singing Buddy" and pat his arm. (Seriously is that not the sweetest little girl ever)
We had Crew Granum's baby blessing and a Delicious Brunch from Jenn after! So cory lucked out on the cooking department today, but made up last night by putting all the kids in a bath, teeth brushed and off to bed, while i got to finish my book! I also have "3" Beautiful Mothers to Honor today! I hope you had a Beautiful day and I love and Appreciate your examples in my life!
Isn't Mothers Day, everyday?
I think so!

Saturday, May 12, 2007


We did it!!!! It was so much fun and a priviledge to Honor Cory's Sister Kelly as we ran in the Race against Breast Cancer! There were so many people...16,000 runners! It was so fun to see so many people in support of someone they love!
On the Back of our T shirts I loved the saying...."today we are fighting against a Bully"
Boston and his Cousins, Cooper and Camden thought it was so cool to ride the Lightrail from the Hotel to the Gateway!
During the Race, Boston Was rippin'! People were Cheering him on, that he started to make me Sprint fast so i wouldn't lose him. It was seriously so much fun!

Kelly has 2 more treatments left YAHOOOOOO! She even walked it! Good Job Kelly, We LOVE you! On the Back of our T shirts we wrote "In Celebration of our Sister, Aunt, Friend...Kelly Taylor!
All the Survivors wore the Pink Shirts! We had alot of people on or Team!

Here we are after the Run!

The Boys on the Trax! (which by the way was FILLED with Everyone going to the Race!)

Super "LONG" Fun Day!

Here they are playing in the Hotel room.....Pretty much Hayes was Opening and shutting all the Doors! Boys....
Swinging at the Baseball game today!

Well we started out our weekend staying the Night in Salt lake at the" Grand America "Hotel so we could wake up and Bypass the Traffic for Saturday mornings "Race for the Cure"
Heather and Shea came up with us and we all went swimming and then out to dinner at Ruth's Chris! (well the kids stayed with Mc Call while we went off on a fabulous date!)

The Race was this morning at 8:30 so we Conveniently jumped on the Lightrail and it took us 5 minutes to get there from our Hotel! Great Planning on Staying the Night!
The Race was Amazing! There were 16,000 runners/walkers, it was so fun and A little emotional seeing all these people running in support of someone they love who has been a Victim of Breast Cancer! Boston ran the Whole mile, he would have done the 5K if he didn't have a Double Header after the Race! I stayed with him while Cory did the 5K.

Then off to his Baseball games in Alpine! He won the first game and Lost by 3 points on the 2nd game. We had Beautiful weather and he had alot of Cousins and Family show up to his games today! Thanks guys, We LOVED It!!

We are unpacked from our Weekend away and getting ready for "MOTHERS DAY" and Crew's Baby Blessing after Church tomorrow!
HAVE A WONDERFUL "Mothers Day" Everyone!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Cory's NEW Calling....

Cory had an appt. tonight with the Stake Presidency and he got his new Calling....As the 1st counselor in the Elders Quorum!
That should be so cool for him, and they just put in a new Presidency, so now everyone will be new.
Very cool!
When the Phone call came from "the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints" I freaked out .....I thought they were gonna have us Speak on MOTHERS DAY! Awww
Thank goodness it was for Cory! haha

Monday, May 07, 2007

Very Productive MONDAY!

I got a WHOLE lot accomplished today! I started off at 6:30 with the Gym, then Got my Cars Washed, Did all the Laundry, Washed Sheets (ok so lacey Helped) then i got all the Mothers Day Shopping done for this weekend,& Birthday Present for caden's Party!
It is Teacher Appreciation week at Boston's School and Since I am the Room mom i did a cute start to her week, With Balloons on her door and showed the kids a picture of Mrs. Whitaker when she was in 1st Grade and told them all her favorite things when she was little, she was so Shocked that I got all that information from her Daughter! The kids loved it and i brought them all slices of Caramel apples dipped in M&M's! (she is the BEST teacher EVER!)

Then Cory and I headed off to Costco and Stocked up for the week! (looks like Month:)
Then i had achievement Days with the 10 & 11 year old girls at my house after school! We made the Cutest Mother's day Pots with Hershey kisses in them and Sticks sticking out of Stirophoam (sp?) and they wrote all these coupons on Die cut flowers! ( i should have taken pictures they turned out so dang cute)
Now we are off to Boston's Baseball game that was rained out on Saturday! Whew..... Now that is a Productive Day!!! I FEEL GREAT!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

*Hapari Fashion Show!

My Sister jill had a Booth up at the South Towne Expo center this Weekend! The Theme for the Show was "what women want" and she had her Hapari Booth all set up so dang cute with Bamboo sticks and Cute colorful lights, it should have won an award for how cute it was displayed! She was so Busy too with Huge lines for her swimsuits.
So we went up and Helped out by being in the Fashion Show....Yes, I walked the Runway and looked like a total Dork! ( i have no idea how to do that! Hello!) But it was so much fun!
She has so many new colors and Styles coming in this next week! They are soooo Cute and already almost sold out! She will update her Website with some really Soon.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


IT IS SO COLD TODAY! We all of the sudden have more snow on the benches and Rain today!
So I didn't get a Picture of Boston playing in his Soccer game tonight, it was so WET and Cold! But he wants me to Blog that he Scored "2" Goals tonight and was on FIRE! He was doing seriously so good! All the kids had a Blast playing in the Rain and they were seriously Dripping wet! One more game on Saturday and Soccer is done! He is now just playing Baseball, until June then he has Soccer Camp, Swim Team & Golf Camp! WOO HOO

Boston has a Doubleheader tomorrow after School! Lets hope it's warm and Not RAINING! Ugh..

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

"Birthday Lunch"

Happy Birthday to my Best Friend Jenn! We had her Birthday Lunch today! a bunch of us girls went to the Macaroni Grill!
Of course this is a picture from her Real Birthday Dinner when we were in Las Vegas at the Cheesecake Factory! I forgot to take a picture this afternoon of everyone! oops.
Hope you had a Great Birthday Jenn! Oh and I hope you like the Book "Twilight"!
Love ya!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

We're Back from "VEGAS"

We had a fun "HOT" Vacation! The weather was seriously 100 Degrees! It was so hot but nice when you have a Cabana to hang out in! The kids had a Blast swimming all day long! Hayes and Olivia were so fun too, i was suprised that Olivia actually loved the water and wanted to be in it all day long, while Hayes was just cruising around finding everything possible to throw into the Pool!
We started out at the Mirage because of the Waterslides for the kids, but they were GONE! The Mirage is now "GHETTO" So we moved over to the Wynn and were in a Whole new world!
The rooms were so much nicer and the Service was amazing. The kids didn't have to see all the Trashy people, and we didn't have to walk through Smoky Casino's. You have your own Non Smoking entrance that is So nice!

We went to the Dolphin Habitat and the Secret Garden to see the Tigers! It's really cool how close you are to the Dolphins!

Talk about livin the Life......Spoiled little kids!

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