Saturday, May 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Papa & Uncle Shea!

Happy Birthday BOYS!!!
This is Cory's Brother (like you couldn't tell) and His Dad!
Hope you guys Have a Fabulous Day!
Shea, you must have got your good looks from your Older Brother Cory!! Your welcome for Posting a SWEET picture of you in your Biking attire!!!!! You little Stud Muffin!
We LOVE our Papa! I will always Love and Cherish all the Support and Guidance you gave to us throughout our "journey" with Parker! I love how you can always feel the spirit at ANYTIME. Your love for your family is exemplified in your Actions and goes Unnoticed!
We love you!


Ally said...

I love the whole "good looks from Cory thing" Ha Ha!

Heather said...

Those are two handsome guys! That one of Jerry and your babies is darling, and Shea loves that biking picture! Thanks, Shash!

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