Friday, February 17, 2012

happy {heart} day!

thank goodness for Pinterest this year!  We had so much fun making our own Valentines.  
I got Olivia and Ivy's idea from my very crafty friend jane!

I found the bug idea here.

they LOVED their valentines this year!  Boston wanted NO business in passing 
out Valentines, except one! haha  

I took Boston and his friend Jake the night before to pick out something for their valentines. 
Oh boy!

I made the kids a yummy French toast breakfast with strawberries and they
 got some yummy treats from mom and dad!  then off to school where i surprised them 
with a valentines lunch. 

I went to help out with the twins party, they made their own valentines bags and played a
few games, it was a bit exhausting!  then to top it off, i helped with the 6th grade 
party AFTER School.  It was their very first Valentines party with a bunch of
 Wii's set up in different rooms and then pizza, popcorn and soda.  

These kids had a blast!  sometimes 6th graders are a bit obnoxious, 
but luckily i had a diet coke so i was able to hang until 4! ha

cory and i had a valentines day Lunch at Cafe Rio and so we spent the evening 
hanging out with our sweeties eating some Papa Murphy's pizza and watching "Dolphin Tale."  
Cory made the kids strawberry daqueri's that were Delicious!

we love staying in on Valentines night, it's way to busy out there!

and the winner is...

Thanks to all the entries for this awesome giveaway! 
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Congratulations to...

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Hapari swimsuit giveaway!!

It's that time of year that i LOVE!  
swimsuit season is upon us and who doesn't love a "GIVEAWAY?"  
i am so loving these new Hapari swimsuits and designs this year and can't wait
to get my hands on them.

here's what you have to do to enter to win...

~go to Hapari's website and see what swimsuit you LOVE
{i am loving the new ruffle cinch tankini}

~ come back to my blog and leave a comment with what one you want

 ~go to hapari's facebook page and like them!

tweet it and facebook it for more entries!!
{leave an extra comment for fb and tweets so i know}

also to all you local readers... tune in tomorrow on abc 4's "Good Things Utah" 
to see the new hapari 2012 swimline!!

on to the tournament!

Boston's Bantum Basketball team is going in to the tournament 
as the #1 seed! woop woop!!   
They are so much fun to watch!   This is boston's first year playing on 
a competitive basketball team and he loves it, he plays daily and practices all the time. 
 it's fun to see him love the sport so much.

16 years!

you know you are happily married and comfortable with your spouse when on your 
anniversary you would rather hang out at home and watch your fav dvr'd shows 
that you have been dying to watch! ha!

we had our anniversary on a friday and also 2 basketball games along with another 
one on saturday night at 9pm! Cory is coaching Boston's bantum bball team so 
we couldn't miss out on these games.

we decided to spend our "sweet sixteen" doing what we love best! spending it with our kids
and our ultimate fav burger joint!   we all love "Sammy's" and since it was early out
we grabbed the kids from school at noon and spent the afternoon together.

the best part about it, is we Loved it! this was one of our fav anniversaries... 
sometimes it's best just keepin it real!

"sammy's" is famous for their Pie shakes! My ultimate favorite is their pumpkin pie shake! 
 run don't walk to their new location in Pleasant Grove. 
Their hamburgers are TO DIE FOR!

Ivy dresses herself and this was probably one of my favorites of hers.  
performing on stage in her JB shirt! ha

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Rick Robinson's "Move" show...

my little olivia danced with her company team at the Covey Center on saturday night in the
 Pre show for The VIBE!
I missed her dancing because i was with my sisters in california, but 
Cory was there to support our girl.

i heard the Show was ridiculously AMAZING!  
my niece witney was in a ton of the dances and olivia loved watching her.

Liv dances on a hip hop company team along with her jazz petities team.
cory video'd and i about died at how cute it is!
good thing i have such awesome talented friends that took all these 
pictures and did her hair for me! haha
thanks jamie and amy!!

this is her Petites company team
{liv is bottom left}

she is the very far left!!  so cute

  and her hip hop company team. "poppin petites"
{far right}
 very far right ::front::
 {front right}

 cutest one in the middle ::wink::

olivia with some of her dance buddies!!

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