Wednesday, February 08, 2012

16 years!

you know you are happily married and comfortable with your spouse when on your 
anniversary you would rather hang out at home and watch your fav dvr'd shows 
that you have been dying to watch! ha!

we had our anniversary on a friday and also 2 basketball games along with another 
one on saturday night at 9pm! Cory is coaching Boston's bantum bball team so 
we couldn't miss out on these games.

we decided to spend our "sweet sixteen" doing what we love best! spending it with our kids
and our ultimate fav burger joint!   we all love "Sammy's" and since it was early out
we grabbed the kids from school at noon and spent the afternoon together.

the best part about it, is we Loved it! this was one of our fav anniversaries... 
sometimes it's best just keepin it real!

"sammy's" is famous for their Pie shakes! My ultimate favorite is their pumpkin pie shake! 
 run don't walk to their new location in Pleasant Grove. 
Their hamburgers are TO DIE FOR!

Ivy dresses herself and this was probably one of my favorites of hers.  
performing on stage in her JB shirt! ha

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{jane} said...

ok, you two - we are headed to europe again for 20 years --- are you going to join us? we might take the kids there this summer {it's only a six-hour flight from here!} but we're going alone for sure for the big-ole twenty, probably Greece and more...

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