Thursday, June 30, 2011


i am a huge fan of the lindon pool.  it has the flowrider for boston and for the 
little kids a darling pirate pool + lazy river 
{which my twins can touch and swim perfectly in} + waterslides!

it's our favorite summer spot!

boston totally rips on the flowrider and i love when i go to check on him and his
 buddy cameron, that all the teenagers + lifeguards are cheering them on. 
so so fun!

he was loving to do barrel rolls on the boogie board. 
pure heaven for this boy!

boston and cameron were on flowrider ALL DAY!  hayes had the birchall boys  
to play with and olivia brought her friend ivy 
{yep her name is ivy, how cute is that?} from dance! 
 So Much Fun!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DIY bandana skirts...

these are perfect for the '4th of july'.
i saw this tutorial on pinterest and i just had to try it out.
 let me just say how easy it was and inexpensive.  overall cost was  $2.50 per skirt! 
  i found the bandanas at walmart and just grabbed some extra fabric for the bottom
 of the skirts while i was there too. 

*first iron the bandanas and cut in half with some fabric scissors.

*next i cut the 2 strips of the other material {checked material}
 the length of the bandana at 4 inches width
 {you could cut it wider if you want the skirt to be longer}

*place raw edge towards the bottom of the skirt with the "right side" of fabric facing up

*sew your strips onto the bottoms of the bandana then press with an iron.

*right sides together, line up your seams where the bandana and the bottom strip come together, sew together both halves to create a tube.

* next sew as close as you can to the bottom open edge of your casing 
{this will help to slide your elastic a lot easier}

and Voila!
look how adorable they turned out!! 

cedar hills festival...

our saturday started off at 7am!  

the twins {well all of my kids} aren't morning people like their momma. ~wink
so waking them up to do our run wasn't exciting to them. 
boston told me that he doesn't need to run, he wanted to sleep in so he could be  
ready for his rugby tournament that afternoon.

these cuties ran in their first 1 mile race.  is this not the cutest thing ever?!  
well they started off strong... and then some complaining that their legs hurt etc, etc.
but they loved getting a medal at the end of the race!

my friend shannon's little girl cozette ran the whole time. 
she's on the left of liv and they ran together for a bit.  
cozy is like her marathon momma! haha

look at that face.  running and complaining at the same time. ;)

after the race we met at my friend shannon's for the 'bake sale' and Parade!!
these kids got tons of candy and got to see cosmo the cougar jam out to 
the jimmer song! 

the racers!

cedar hills usually has a bunch of bounce houses and slides for the kids
 but this year they got some carnival rides that didn't seem to work very well.  
boston and his buddies braved the spinning one, which just looking at it made me sick!
this was not their best festival. 

 last year was much better!

we went out with a bunch of friends {couples only} to dinner and 
fresh strawberry milkshakes before watching the fireworks in our front yard.

 Perfect spot in the cul de sac so the kids could ride bikes and just hang out. 
cory made his famous popcorn. this time he just used coconut oil and it tasted awesome!


i never know what setting to use on my phone but the fireworks were 

my darling kids all passed out on our bed after a super fun/exhausting/hot saturday!!
i love utah summers!!

swim parties!

we are getting in as many play dates with our besties "the rhodes" before they move to Boston!
jane had individual swim parties for each of her kids.  
all themed of course too! 

my kids love playing in their backyard!  these are some of my most cherished 
summer memories.  volleyball nights, bbq's, swim parties and fireworks!  
who's going to entertain usfor all of our holidays now??

love these guys and we will miss them, but will hopefully be seeing them very soon. {wink}

sela's pool party with her friends.

livi loves the waterslides this year!

boston and momma

i love this picture!

boston and hayes

boston and myla~ instant buddies since we moved to the berkshires! 
i love my myla and i will miss her and all her creative fun.  these two have made
many forts throughout the neighborhood!

sela with livi ~cute little besties in the making.   sela is also cute little friends with ivy too. 
 it's the perfect playdate!

i asked kj what he will miss most about me... he said "dates to Toys R Us" ha  
i love how kj taught hayes how to play video games.. umm maybe 
i shouldn't thank him for that! ;)

look at those mischievous boys making quick sand. hahaha  

thanks jane for all the fun times we had in your backyard and hanging with your sweet sweet family!
some of my favorite memories are made with you guys.
we will miss you!
love you!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

fathers day festivities...

Cory's fathers day weekend started out friday night with our wards father/daughter campout up
 american fork canyon.  our little livi loves to do campouts with her daddy especially with 
all of her girlfriends in the neighborhood. pure 'girl heaven.'
i kept ivy home because it is still so cold up the canyon. haha
{luckily she was sleeping when they left.}

the boys and i rented a redbox and made homeade donuts. 
{recipe to come from my Boston}

then on fathers day cory loved getting spoiled rotten from his kiddos!  
after church we made him his favorite meal 
eggs/bacon/hashbrowns with his fav orange juice. 
later i made his favorite "dutch oven peach cobbler!"

our kids kept hugging and loving him and telling him he's the best dad ever! 
so so precious.

after a few wrestling matches he opened his presents and we watched 
"secretariat" which is awesome!
now my kids all think they should work with grandpa hansens horses. haha

we have the best blacktop trails out this way and they lead you to many many parks. 
 liv and hayes did awesome, following their dad up some hard hills.   
boston kept stopping every so often and would literally jump over the creek. 
yah, the kid is crazy!

{and he landed it everytime}

we think our daddy is pretty amazing.
happy fathers day babe!  we love you like crazy!
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