Thursday, June 30, 2011


i am a huge fan of the lindon pool.  it has the flowrider for boston and for the 
little kids a darling pirate pool + lazy river 
{which my twins can touch and swim perfectly in} + waterslides!

it's our favorite summer spot!

boston totally rips on the flowrider and i love when i go to check on him and his
 buddy cameron, that all the teenagers + lifeguards are cheering them on. 
so so fun!

he was loving to do barrel rolls on the boogie board. 
pure heaven for this boy!

boston and cameron were on flowrider ALL DAY!  hayes had the birchall boys  
to play with and olivia brought her friend ivy 
{yep her name is ivy, how cute is that?} from dance! 
 So Much Fun!


Kierstin said...

How fun! That looks like the perfect place to play!

Anonymous said...

Looks fun!

Jenn Granum said...

What a fun pool! My kids would be at the flowrider all day - even Crew. They LOVE it but it is SO expensive here so I never let them do it.

Diana and Derek said...

Looks like great fun. The best picture is Boston eating it!

{jane} said...

FUN!!! Those are awesome pictures of Boston on the Flowrider - and i love the pic of hayes almost sitting on livi going down the slide, those two are always so cute!!! that pool definitely rocks!

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