Tuesday, June 28, 2011

swim parties!

we are getting in as many play dates with our besties "the rhodes" before they move to Boston!
jane had individual swim parties for each of her kids.  
all themed of course too! 

my kids love playing in their backyard!  these are some of my most cherished 
summer memories.  volleyball nights, bbq's, swim parties and fireworks!  
who's going to entertain usfor all of our holidays now??

love these guys and we will miss them, but will hopefully be seeing them very soon. {wink}

sela's pool party with her friends.

livi loves the waterslides this year!

boston and momma

i love this picture!

boston and hayes

boston and myla~ instant buddies since we moved to the berkshires! 
i love my myla and i will miss her and all her creative fun.  these two have made
many forts throughout the neighborhood!

sela with livi ~cute little besties in the making.   sela is also cute little friends with ivy too. 
 it's the perfect playdate!

i asked kj what he will miss most about me... he said "dates to Toys R Us" ha  
i love how kj taught hayes how to play video games.. umm maybe 
i shouldn't thank him for that! ;)

look at those mischievous boys making quick sand. hahaha  

thanks jane for all the fun times we had in your backyard and hanging with your sweet sweet family!
some of my favorite memories are made with you guys.
we will miss you!
love you!


Anonymous said...

I'm so bummed Jane made her blog private. I adored her blog.

Jenn Granum said...

So sad the Rhodes are moving. What a fun party family! I bet they will just LOVE Boston though.

{jane} said...

fun times....to be continued in Boston!!!

cute pictures, i'm laughing at KJ"s foofy hair!

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