Monday, June 20, 2011

sports camps...

... are in full swing around here.
boston loves sports, his absolute favorite is football!
 he has added a few more {favorites} this summer.

the week that school was out all of his camps were starting.  in one week he had
basketball camp in the mornings and then lacrosse camp and rugby practice in the evening.
 then the next week was football camp.
he has loved every minute of it.

it's so fun to see him play, and the stories he has to tell afterwards. ha
he is one active kid and i love it!

***Lacrosse camp***


***football camp***

boston with his cousins chase and dakota.  
chase plays for lonepeak and helped coach the football camp all week.  
boston's team was so awesome.  most of his buddies from his football team were 
with him and theywere UNDEFEATED!! they made it to the championship and then lost.  
so they got 2nd place.  after the championship game all the kids had
 a fun bbq and then awards were given.  

he loved this camp!

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