Sunday, March 28, 2010

"easter eggs"

today was a perfect day to decorate eggs.
it's always a mess, but oh so fun!  This is where i wish i was more creative.  

This year we went with the brighter colors,  we love how they turned out.  Olivia loved, loved, loved getting all into it and decorating.  Hayes just liked to eat them and Boston was into  'writing' on the egg. {cursive} 

and ivy, well she was just a disaster, wanting to eat the glitter, tipping colors over, and dropping the eggs... so we shipped her off for a nap!

  Each year gets better and better.

 Olivia's 'easter eggs'...

 Hayes' easter eggs...

Boston's easter eggs...
{notice his "red sox" one}

"be strong and of good courage"

My niece witney was asked to be one of the "young women" to sing at the "young womens general broadcast" on saturday night.   It was such an honor for her to be asked to do this, and she had a great experience.   We had tickets to go up and see her so i took another niece shae, her friend kenna and my friend Cynthia {who is also a YW president}  &  we enjoyed the wonderful talks,  especially President Uchtdorf's {my all time favorite talk from him} and then we went out to eat at "Zupa's" after!  It was such a fun night for me to spend with my nieces, 

i love these girls!


did any of you see her? I know a few of our family members did.

spring fever

it's that time of year again...


we are being teased with beautiful sunny days where the kids our out playing with friends, riding bikes, rollerblading and loving it...and then the next day it's cold.

Utah spring is always unpredictible.

we can't wait to get out and play all summer!!

especially this little one.  Ivy loves to be outside and riding on the scooter...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

"legally blonde"

Last night some of my besties and I went up to Salt Lake to the Capital Theatre to see the broadway show
 "Legally Blonde"

I loved it! 

 It was very funny and entertaining!   I love the "bend & snap" scene.  Elle woods was amazing, her voice was just beautiful.  I can't believe i enjoyed it as much as i did. 

The music is still going in my head!

us girlies went out to eat at PF Changs & then rushed over right in time, it was kinda close. I haven't laughed so hard in a while, it felt wonderful. 

Love 'GNO's'...


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

conference packets..

I always print out cute little conference packets for my little kids for Conference sunday.  This one that I found is so darling.  I usually put little easter treats & crayons, colored pencils etc,  in a  ziploc bag and they get it on Sunday morning!

So click here to print it out...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy birthday "grandpa hansen"

My kids are pretty spoiled in the "Grandparent" department.  
Especially "Great- Grandparents."

Not many people can say they knew their great grandparents, & my kids are so close to theirs.

Today we celebrated at Grandpa Hansens house with Cake and Ice cream to celebrate his "86th" birthday!  

Then of course we had to go check out the "two" new baby horses that were born yesterday.. 

Happy birthday to an absolute wonderful man, who has a legacy of many & we are so privileged to be a part of that...

Arizona cousins...

Were here for a week for their 'Spring Break' and we had so much fun with them! We love when they come to visit. 

We played & Played...
 "jump on it" 
went out to dinners
"sweet tooth fairy"
ate a green breakfast {thanks to those leprechauns} 
bike rides
BBQ'd at our place
went to the park

We had great Utah weather for the first part of the week, then the kids were so excited to see "SNOW" for the last couple of days.  

I love watching all these kids do all their sweet tricks, they are seriously so good at backflips, tucks, aerials, etc, especially Brooke!  She was flipping and cartweeling everywhere we went, not just at Jump on it!

The Gang

These girls were inseperable all week!!
They loved getting matching {kinda} princess jammies and having sleepovers in different rooms 
every night. 

On friday, we took both Todd & jane's family and our family up to the Canyons to ski for the day!  It was a whole lot of work.  but so much fun!  the little kids did pretty good, as long as we were staying by the "magic carpet."  

Lots of great memories ~ wink wink

Boston was so awesome at helping out his little brother.  We love hearing hayes tell us how he rips down the mountain. 

Gorgeous day to be in the mountains...


We love love love COUSINS!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy St. Patty's day...

The leprechauns snuck into our house and turned everything green! Even Ivy's bottle...
They brought us cupcakes and rings to wear. Of course the kids ate them for breakfast! They were just giggling all morning about those leprechauns.

I'm pretty sure they loved "St. Patrick's Day"

later that night most of the Taylor family met up at the "Spaghetti Factory" for dinner.  Look at how big we are!  We had a party of 30. 

So much fun...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

18 months...

Little miss ivy grace is already 18 months!  Do you know what that means?

Nursery! :)  
she probably won't even go...  stinker.

I love everything about this age. 

 She talks and says everything! she loves to eat everything, she gives hugs and kisses and always says "i'm sorry" bc she is usually the one hurting you. haha  
She Loves swimming, playing outside, jumping on trampolines, dancing and reading books.

 She is so much fun and an absolute Joy in our house.  we all just adore her and she knows it.  

Monday, March 15, 2010

spring skiing...

My sister & her family were up at The Canyons "grand summit lodge" in Park City for their spring break, so we tagged along with them and  played with our cousins! 

 We swam in the Awesome "fully" heated pool, ate at Main street Pizza & Noodle, swam again, and again, went skiing on Monday with the whole family and it was so much fun.  

It is definitely spring ski season! 

 It was an absolutely beautiful day!  We had a blast.  My little ones rode on the magic carpet and skied down and did great! Boston was loving it

 The twins were swimming so good, hayes was showing us his sweet back sommersaults,  and Ivy was my spazzy child who would jump in thinking she could swim like everyone else.  
too cute!

We felt like we were on "spring break" and then remembered we have SCHOOL! 

Boston & Grace seeing how long they could last laying in the snow.

riding the Gondola to ski

livi & hayes

Ivy & me were hanging out video taping  while daddy took the twins skiing.  Boston was tearing it up with Derek at the terrain park & was LOVING it.

riding the "magic carpet"

swimming right after a great day of skiing! 


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