Sunday, March 07, 2010

"The Happiest place on Earth"...

is Disneyland!

My friend Summer and I grabbed our kids and a nanny each {husbands couldn't come, sniff sniff{wink} and headed to California for 5 days!!  We stayed right in Anaheim at her condo.  The kids loved having sleepovers every night and we had LOTS of treats to keep everyone fed. ;)

We ate yummy food and of course some "round table pizza"
 {that's always a must when we're in california}

We had So much fun!  The weather was great (mostly) and the kids were 
total troopers!  Don't worry their was plenty of entertainment at our house. :)

We literally walked on all the rides. The whole time!
The only lines we had to wait in were Toy Story {which btw is the cutest ride ever} Peter Pan and Dumbo {20 min waits} We even walked on Splash Mountain Twice!!  

There is this app if you have an Iphone that is a must.  It's the "Mouse Wait" app and it tells you the wait times on all the rides, both parks.  It was awesome. 

Thanks to summer, i may have mastered the stroller/switch rider pass.  She taught me some good tricks!

Olivia & Hayes were both right at 40" and after a few adjustments hayes was height required and able to go on every ride.  I couldn't make them do Tower of Terror, i'm a softy when it comes to those two.  {Sorry Jenn, i couldn't do it!}

Mom's fav's~ Soarin over california, Space Mountain, Tower of Terror, Peter pan & Turtle talk with Crush.

Boston's Fav's~ Tower of Terror, Screamin, Splash Mtn, Maliboomer

Hayes' fav's~ Pirates of the Caribbean, Toy story, Soarin, Buzz lightyear, & Star Tours

Olivia's favorites~ Haunted mansion, Monsters inc, Soarin over california, Star Tours & the carousel

Ivy's favorites~ Turtle talk with crush, running around and dancing to music, Churros,  It's a small world &  buzz lightyear

McCall's fav's~breakfast with the characters, Soarin, & watching the little ones have fun.

We went to the Beast's library and found out what characters we are most like...
Boston - Timone
Hayes - Woody
Olivia - Ariel
Ivy- Nala
Mc call -Dot
Mom -Queen of hearts {what? i'm usually Nala, she's fun and adventurous~wink}

Our gang...
all "12" of us

Maybe my little Boston was so sick of going on all these little kids rides, or maybe he hates that i take so many pictures, or maybe he knows that it bugs me when he does this ...haha  I love his expression.  He did not want to be in any pictures with the Characters, he thought he was way to old for that. ~wink

But these guys were in Heaven!

Thank you {big time} to Mc Call for going on the tea cups with livi & hayes... i get a headache just looking at this ride. ;)

k, now this is classic...  
Every ride, he barely made it!  by the time he was turned away about the second time, we got smart and put napkins in his shoes.  He got on EVERY time.  Great Idea Sum.

DUMBO was one of our "Favorites"

One morning we had breakfast with "Minnie & friends" inside the park.  The food was so fabulous and the kids ate so much.  We seriously didn't eat until later that night. 
well besides a few churros here and there. ;)

The Characters were so darling to the kids and Ivy & Mckelle were freaked!!
  We got to see Minnie which was good, since my girls were so excited to see her... 

Ivy wasn't quite sure what to think of these guys coming up to her!  She was loving them the day before.

Olivia loves that Peter Pan told Boston "I have to go fight Capt' Hook" she just giggles every time she says that.

It's safe to say that my 10 yr old is a HUGE fan of "California Adventure"  he is definitely my thrill junkie child.  he couldn't get enough of Tower of terror, Screamin, & the Maliboomer.  
He's so much fun!

Summer braved it and went with Boston on the Maliboomer!  He went on it like 4X and said he could go more... he's crazy!

 these crazy kids were dancing it up while we were on the big kid rides. You don't have to ask these kids twice to be crazy for the video camera! ;)

Toy story was a huge hit!  we had to wait in line, but it was definitely worth it.  Hayes LOVES Toy story, and luckily right after we got to see "WOODY!"

One of my favorite parts of the California Park has always been "a Bugs life" land... 
it's absolutely the cutest little kids area.  

one afternoon we went to play at Newport Beach.  It was warm for the first part then we got really cold. I didn't think my kids would really get in the water, but those crazy kids were jumping in the water and Body surfing! 

They love the beach Hot or Cold...

and of course what would a trip to Disneyland be if we didn't shop at the Lego store in Downtown Disney.  Boston was so excited!  He just started loving Legos. Hayes just loves to play with the lego star wars guys anyways, so they were loving this store.

This little chica usually wanted to walk all by herself, remember she thinks she's 5.  She would dance  around to the music in Downtown disney.  She was a hit!

This is usually how we left the park at night.  All the kids crashed and passed out in the stroller while Ivy was walking around and on her 2nd wind.  
Even Hayes said to me "mom i don't want to go on any more rides!" 

All 3 kids in the stroller while Ivy is walking around.  Classic.  
this is usually when my husband would think i am NUTS!

We were dying to see our daddy!!  Now ladies don't be jealous, but...
When we got home, he did all my laundry, made us a yummy steak dinner, put the kids in the bath,  all the clothes are put away 
&  he surprised Olivia with her own bed!  She was so excited! Dad of the year right here!!  He is such a stud!

Feels good to be home!


Janel said...

looks like you had soooooooooooo much fun!! i love spring and fall time at disneyland--the best! we are goin in 2 weeks :)

Josh and Ashley said...

I love Disneyland! Every care in the world seems to disappear when you're there. I love how little Ivy gets her second wind when all the others crash. You are such a fun Mom.

Summer Carlile said...

How fun! I haven't been to disneyland in years. I think I would reall like it though because the lagoon rides make me sick, I think I can handle kiddie rides though!

jt said...

You finally did it! Ha! Glad you had a fun time, the kids will always remember that trip!

Candace said...

So many fun pictures! Boston looks so old and grown up *Sniff. I can't wait until Mya can go!

Kierstin said...

How FUN!!!! It sounds like a blast and that is awesome that it wasn't busy! I am so glad that you were able to go and that you had such a wonderful time!!

Shannon said...

You got the best pictures! You look lovely in all of them, you little hotty.

I am SO leaving Casey and taking a nanny and a friend next time I go, what a great idea!

Idaho Penningtons said...

Fun! I love the old lady with Boston - who was she Alice in Wonderlands Grandma! HA

Jenn Granum said...

I wanna go, I wanna go!!!! Looks like you guys had a blast. Loved looking through all your pictures. Tell those little stinkers that they are lucky auntie Jenn wasn't there or they would have been forced to do a few more rides! ;) And tell Bos that I am blowing the picture up of him sitting in the stroller and passing it around his school! Still smiling at that one.
I miss you guys! I totally have Disney fever now!

Heather said...

I want to go too! My kids ask me daily. I'm so glad you had fun.

curryclan said...

I am coming next time!

{jane} said...

wow, so so so fun! i can totally imagine between every picture that you and summer were NON-STOP! what great memories, welcome home to what sounds absolutely lovely...good job cory!

Lucrecia said...

Soooo jealous! Our Disneyland trip isn't until September! Feels pretty far away. And I must say, I'm jealous of your hubby favors too. That would never happen in my house ;-) Brook would be dying to see us but it would never occur to him to do laundry and all that jazz.

The Armantrout family said...

How fun!!!! We love Disneyland! I can't wait to take Will when he gets a little bigger

Angie said...

Ah, I want to go to Disneyland! I really can't believe my kids picked the ski trip over Disney! You are such a fun mom, I don't think I'd ever pack up the kids on my own and take them, we'd probably get lost!

bulkleybunch said...

okay, all the pictures are soo awesome and looks like you had a blast, but that last comment killed me. laundry?! dinner?! bath time?! i hate you.

Jennie Minor said...

YAY! I am so glad that you got to come to Cali and go to DL and just walk on the rides. I tell all my friends to come during this time (Christmas time is great too! They decorate it so cute). Not busy and the weather is (usually) G R E A T! Your little Ivy is getting SO big! I remember when we had our girls! You are such a cute fun mom! I want to be like you! ;)

Birchall Family said...

I miss it!! Let's go back! Really, that was so fun! I still laugh everytime I think of you telling me the "princess" story! I am laughing right now just thinking about it, hahaha!!

The kids asked where you guys "went" today. They think we are suppose to be together everyday. So fun!

Miss you guys! Oh, and next time you come over at 7 I will have dinner for you:)

Memmott Family said...

Shannon, I know you don't know who I am, but I used to sell Hapari for your sister Jill, I read your blog a few weeks ago about your friend 's little boy that drown, and Now I can't find it, but she sells a baptism book at deseret book. Can you please email me the link if you have it


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