Sunday, March 21, 2010

Arizona cousins...

Were here for a week for their 'Spring Break' and we had so much fun with them! We love when they come to visit. 

We played & Played...
 "jump on it" 
went out to dinners
"sweet tooth fairy"
ate a green breakfast {thanks to those leprechauns} 
bike rides
BBQ'd at our place
went to the park

We had great Utah weather for the first part of the week, then the kids were so excited to see "SNOW" for the last couple of days.  

I love watching all these kids do all their sweet tricks, they are seriously so good at backflips, tucks, aerials, etc, especially Brooke!  She was flipping and cartweeling everywhere we went, not just at Jump on it!

The Gang

These girls were inseperable all week!!
They loved getting matching {kinda} princess jammies and having sleepovers in different rooms 
every night. 

On friday, we took both Todd & jane's family and our family up to the Canyons to ski for the day!  It was a whole lot of work.  but so much fun!  the little kids did pretty good, as long as we were staying by the "magic carpet."  

Lots of great memories ~ wink wink

Boston was so awesome at helping out his little brother.  We love hearing hayes tell us how he rips down the mountain. 

Gorgeous day to be in the mountains...


We love love love COUSINS!!


Granum Family said...

You guys are always doing so many fun things! cute, cute pictures!

{jane} said...

i swear you just had this trip...with other cousins...or maybe the same cousins...i don't know...there's SO many to keep up with. it's amazing!

sarahlynn(: said...

your kids are a getting so big!

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