Sunday, July 30, 2006

July.30th.. Sunday Blog

These Pictures are so adorable! I just want to kiss them to death!!!!!
Here they are with Daddy reading to them. They Love books!
We had a pretty crazy Sacrament Meeting today, with 2 babies who were soooo Loud! I now appreciate when other children are noisy, (So you can't just hear mine) We are now the Kind of parents who let their children walk up and down the Isles and where ever they want to go to make them Happy, so that you can hear a little of what the speaker is saying. We have Hayes who sees the Basketball hoop and Yells "BALL" "BALL" and then gets Olivia going too, She is also playing with Dad's Cell phone, which he uses for Scriptures, and CHucks the Phone up a few Isles in front of us! (which is very loud) We try to get them to eat some fruit snacks or pretzels or something and then we end up so sticky and dirty! I guess you just have to put your time in on those sundays. We just laugh, and count down until it's Nursery!
We went to dinner at the Granum's for our sunday Feast! Bryan and Kelli (Geoff's Brother and wife) are moving to NEW YORK, So we had a little farewell dinner for them. We will miss you guys! Jenn made this fabulous Chicken with the Best Sauce to go on it & Potatoes and Fruit Dip -Remind me to get that recipe from you!
Boston is so into scouts right now, He wants to pass everything off right now. So we are working on the Bobcat, He is taking Deagon (our dog) on a walk right now, so he can get a bead at the next pack meeting. He has to take him on a walk for one week. The other one he is doing is, making his bed everyday and keeping his room clean for a whole week too.(he has to do it with a good attitude too!) He's doing great so far! It is only Day 2. Well I am off to bed for the Night!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

We have a Winner!!!

We had our Final County Meet Tonight! Boston Won "1"st in Butterfly, "2"nd in Freestyle and not so good in Backstroke (OOPS)& "1"st in the Freestyle Relay, they were neck to neck on that freestyle Relay too, it was very fun to watch them fight so hard to win. We are now excited that there is NO MORE SWIM PRACTICE!!!!
Until of course next year! He wins his big trophy and Ribbons at the Banquet, but we won't be here(we will be in Powell) ,So we will have to wait until later to receive those Bad Boys! I better hurry so I can watch Everybody loves Raymond. Cory & I love that show. Good Night

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Pioneer Day!

Here are some Photos of our Pioneer Day Festivities! We had a blast at Brian & Mindy's with Lots of Cousins and Lots of friends. We played some fun games we thought the pioneer children would play and BBQ'd and then had a fabulous Firework show! I am suprised no one was injured during that.
Boston has his last swim meeet tomorrow at Riverside! He is so excited. It is Novice, so that means there will be alot of swimmers. He should still do great, He is fabulous at the Backstroke and does great with all the other ones too. All he cares about is if he still gets a trophy even if he doesn't win! What can you say, he's a kid!

Boston's first day of Scouts!

July 25th.. Check out my Little "TIGER CUB".
Isn't he so cute! Boston just started Scouts today, Our stake does the Tiger cubs who have just turned "7". We had a pack meeting tonight and they introduced Boston to everyone and they gave him the "Raindrop Clap". He was of course so shy, and very excited, & just a Grinnin from ear to ear. It was very fun to watch him. We have an amazing Scout Master, Who seems to have it quite Organized and gets you so excited about Scouts! It was quite the night! Then We ate Happy Sumo at the Morton's which just topped off the night. (Never Eat Sushi and then go running and Jump Rope!) GOOD WORKOUT Caryn-thanks for the Burn.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

July.23. I love sundays!

Well we had a Beautiful day here today. I absolutley love Sundays! We don't have Church until 1:00 and It's Perfect for us, That way Hayes and Olivia get a morning nap, While I get everything( & Everybody) ready for church. Boston still amazes me with his Articles of Faith. He has them all memorized (since he was 5) So we made a game out of these flash cards and played them all morning.
Here are some sweet Pics of Boston and I just goofing around on the Computer! He really wants me to put these on the website. It's sweet my Computer has a Photo Booth that takes some Crazy different pictures, that we have just been laughing our Heads off!
Tomorrow is Pioneer Day! It's a holiday for us Utahn's Our stake just got back from doing the Trek to Martins Cove, and they had so many Great stories and Talks about their experiences. It was perfect seems how Pioneer day is tomorrow. So I'll need to make some Dutch Oven peach cobbler and of course we will have some fun games for the Kids!
Now I am off to bed, we will have a busy day tomorrow.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

July 22nd Today was very hot! We went to the Morton's Pool for the Afternoon and had a BBQ, Thanks Caryn! Then Cory and Boston went Golfing with Nana & Papa, I am sure they were HOT! Boston loves to drive that Golf Cart. Then off to Todd and Jane's for Jake's B-day party and the Cedar Hills Fireworks, It was great! Good Night

July 22nd

Last night Hayes and Olivia were so funny! They were pushing each other in this Doll Stroller and she did not want to get out! It was so funny. They are getting so big, they make us laugh all day, Olivia is talking so good, she says everything, "up" "bosty" (for Boston) "hayes" "water" "Drink" "Truck" "Deagon" she just blabbers all day, Hayes is saying "Ball" 'Truck" and "Drink" He is too busy to learn how to say anything else. They are the Best of friends, they play so good together, except when they both want to sit on the Little Pony.
Lacey Babysat while cory and I went to Play Sand Volleyball with our neighbors, it was so fun. Then Cory took Boston to Play Golf and Boston won. YEAH!!! Nana and Papa are going to go with him and cory golfing today, We can't wait to hear about that! Tonight is the Cedar Hills Fireworks, so we will be at Todd and Janes to see them and play with the Cousins!

Friday, July 21, 2006

July 21st

The Taylor FamilyBoston is our little swimmer! He is a little fish, He is winning ribbons left and right. Him and Chase (his B-Buddy) are on the Swim Team. They have Practice everyday from 10-10:45. His Last county swim meet is this Wednesday. So we will see how all of this hard work pays off! He is swimming Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly,& now thanks to Uncle todd, the Breaststroke!
I Just got back from Old Navy! Huge Sale, They have everything half off! I got 2 swimsuits for Olivia for $8. Now thats a Deal. Happy Birthday to Jake!!!

July 4th

The Taylor Family
Hayes & Olivia won the "Baby Contest" for the Provo Freedom Festival! Here are some Photos of the Day they won. They were supposed to be in the Parade, but that would have been way too hot for me. Boston was a little bummed, He wanted to be in the parade so bad! The weather has been so hot, its 100's right now.We need to get to the Pool!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

July 7th... Boston's "7th" Birthday Party!

July 7th Boston's Suprise Birthday Party!
It was a Blast! We went and saw" Pirates of the Caribbean" with the Todd Taylor cousins and Boston and Brigham (His cousin) Were dressed up like Pirates for the Movie. Then Later we went to Riverside Country Club for his Pool Party! He was so suprised, cause he thought his Birthday party was the next day, and he was so bummed that he had to wait a whole day for it. We wanted it to be one to remember since it was 7-7 and he was turning 7 It was so Great , Here are some Photos. Oh and of course he had a" Pirates of the caribbean" Party!

July 15th I am copying my sis in law Jane On the Blogspot, I love this! What a great Idea, especially so I can write things down and then later Journal them.
I just took Boston and Olivia to the Dr. Boston has Swimmers ear and Olivia just finishing up a little cough. Cory and Deagon (our Dog) and I went Mountain Biking last night! It was so Beautiful! We went up Provo Canyon to South Fork.
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