Monday, June 30, 2008

Grandpa Bagley

Clifford Wyant Bagley
Dec 5th, 1917 - June 28th, 2008

My sweet and Adoring Grandfather passed away late Saturday night. This was the man who we called our "Grandpa". He was always around in my childhood and was a huge example to our family. He was such an amazing Grandpa and had so much love and Compassion towards each one of his Grandchildren. He always told the best stories, He was an amazing Athlete, he Adored his Wife, and Loved the Gospel. I will really miss him.
I must admit, it makes my heart happy to know that my Sweet Grandpa will now be able to be with my son while we are awaiting our time here on earth.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


We headed up Camping on Friday with some of our friends for our Buddy Troy's Birthday. Happy Birthday TROY!! All he wanted for his Birthday was for his friends to go camping with his family over the weekend. I told him we must really love him to come camping at 7 months Pregnant and Potty training twins!! We had a Great time hanging out with Friends and had Some Amazing Meals {Compliments of Jane}! We went with The Blanchard's, Rhodes, Wait's, Howell's, Dan & Casey's Family {i don't know their last name} and some other families we met up there.

We went to Maple Canyon where they are famous for Rock Climbing. Cory and I rented a Pop up camper trailer and it worked out quite nice for our family. It was HARD CORE Camping! NO showers or Running water {ok so we did find a natural spring} or anybody else close by! We drove up to a place way above all the Camp sites, where the sign says "Trailers Not Recommended"! It was so beautiful & fun to be way above everyone and have our own little place on the top of the Mountain.
Day 1~ We set up camp with our Pop up trailer and unloaded the Motorcycles and 4 Wheelers.
Set up "Jane's Cafeteria" and the BONFIRE & started preparing for our dinner. It was the Rhodes night for dinner...
Tin foil Dinners: Orange Roughy,with Black beans, green beens, Carrots & mushrooms & corn on the cob. Mmmmm It was delicious!
Dessert: S'mores, Dutch Oven Apple Crisp & Peach Cobbler (plenty of desserts to choose from)

Day 2~
Delicious Breakfast of Bacon, Eggs, Pancakes and Orange Juice,
Motorcycle Riding, Power Wheels, Phase 10 {Rummi Style}, Apples to Apples, Nertz & Lots of Yummy Treats.
2 Serious injuries at lunch time with Myla & Boston! Boston cut himself with his Pocket knife really deep and we are still Contemplating stitches!
Myla Burned her fingers {both hands} while touching a HOT grill laying next to the fire, and has Serious burns on her fingers. These 2 incidents happened at the Exact same time!
We bandaged them up and then ate lunch and Lounged around while the kids watched a Movie, played PSP's, played Catch, and washed their hair in the Natural Spring!
Dinner: Taylor's night
Chips, Watermelon
Dessert: Banana Boats~ While Sitting around the fire and playing Boys against girls "Catch Phrase"

Day 3~
Breakfast: Cereal
~ Pack up our DIRTY Family and Clean up Camp!
We ate lunch at the Cracker Barrel & headed straight home for some SERIOUS
cleaning of the Bodies!!
My kids all took like an hour Shower while they all got scrubbed down!

We had a Great Time hanging out with our friends and our kids had an absolute blast playing hard and Getting Dirty...Thanks "Blanchards" for the Invite!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Tennis & Soccer Camp...

Boston has just finished up his Tennis Lessons & Soccer Camp! It has been so fun to watch him get so good at all these sports this year. He absolutley LOVES tennis and he didn't mind waking up too early to fit it in.
Courtney is in our ward and took State for Tennis and has taught him last summer too. I have been waiting a long time to be able to play with him!

Boston has been in Soccer camp all of June every Tues & Thurs! It is not the Average Soccer camp either. It's called "Planet Ball Soccer Academy" and his coach trained and Played in Brazil & Peru. So he means BUSINESS! He is a wonderful coach and Boston has moved up a
Whole Level.
If you are interested in his Academy, his classes fill up fast!

Activity Day

I am the Activity days leader for the 10 & 11 year olds, and LOVE it. They are such fun girls and have been dying to go to "Jump On It" {a warehouse full of trampolines to jump on} So we had to go!
These girls have all passed off half of their Articles of Faith and needed a Reward.
Way to go girls!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Scout Camp!

Today Boston had his day camp at Camp "Jeremiah Johnson"! He loves going to this place, because he gets to pass off a ton of Badges and Pins and Loves to shoot the BB gun and
Bow and Arrows. He even won an"Archery" Prize!

I think his favorite Part is going to the Trading post and buying his Pocket knifes, and all the other Gadgets.

Monday, June 23, 2008

7 Peaks Water Park...

We went to 7 peaks with some friends and met my Cousins and their babies there too. It was so Hot today and definitely felt good to hang out by water all day.
Boston is a Total Blast! I just love that he went on EVERYTHING!! Him and his friends had such a good time. He is at such a fun age right now and LOVES to go on all the Crazy rides there. He had some friends that he saw there from School and they wouldn't even go on the Rides that Him, Chase & Myla were going on.
Hayes & Olivia loved the wave Pool and got really daring when the waves came! I love to watch them with their buddy KJ cause they want to do everything he does. So they were doing so good in the water today!
Livi, KJ, Hayes

All the "little" Buddies

Boston, Chase & Blake

Chase, Myla & Boston went down the "Jagged Edge" a gazillion times. They all LOVED it!

Hayes was Copying everything that KJ was doing, while we were waiting for the kids to come down the Slides! It is so funny to watch my Kids Spaz out!

All the "Big" Buddies

{Me, Olivia, Roxy, Jane, KJ & Jenn}

Mama & Livi going down the waterslides... {she didn't seem to like it} :)

All the Crazy little Kids we had with us today at 7 Peaks... It was Such a blast!

~After the Water Park, Boston had his Baseball Tournament and he played AWESOME! He caught 2 outs, and hit so Well. They won 12-6!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Started with a Swim meet in Lehi at 6:30 am! It was so early for us on a Saturday, but this was a HUGE meet and you win Real Medals, so we had to be there.
Boston won 1st place on Back Stroke, 2nd Place on freestyle, & Breaststroke we aren't sure yet, because 3 kids (including Boston) all touched about a second off of each other, so either way he placed so he will get his Medals on Monday!
At 11:30 we went to My little Niece Hannah's Baptism. It is so sweet to see all the little cousins together singing "I'm Trying to be like Jesus".
We had some Lunch and then came home to play on the Blow up waterslide across the street! The kids make a Skatepark here in my driveway and it is seriously so fun! I love how when one kid comes out then they all start coming. There were about 30 kids playing outside today and it was so Fun & HOT!

After a few hours of Playing outside, Lacey took the Kids to the "Strawberry Days" Rodeo in Pleasant Grove, while Cory and I went to Sundance for his Cousin's Wedding.
The Wedding was Beautiful and Such Delicious Food.
I am sure my kids were in heaven at the Rodeo, eating Hamburgers, Strawberries & Creme and Watching the Motorcycles, etc... Lacey had them all in Cowboy Boots and Hats. Hayes said he was "Woody" and wouldn't take his hat off the whole night! They just keep telling me stuff about the whole night, you can tell they had an absolute blast!
Thanks Lacey, EsDee & Mc Call!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

BYU Football Camp...

Boston and his cousin Brigham have been at BYU camp all week! They have had a sleepover every night since monday and have done AWESOME! They called it a "Sleepover Marathon"! They have just LOVED camp and learned so much. Boston said he loved being the Quarterback and Brigham said he loved Intercepting the ball, they called him the "Interception kid"!
Today was their Last day at Camp, so when i picked them up i told them it was "Boston & Brigham" Day...Whatever they wanted to do, we were going to do it! I was hoping they weren't going to say 7 peaks and Skate Park. Instead they said they just wanted to Skateboard at home and play "Smash Brothers Brawl" on the Wii! YAHOO..That sounded great to me! We went to Chilis for lunch and then home to do what they wanted.

Some Coaches and Brigham, Boston & Ethan

Their Autographed Shirts
Here is what these boys did everyday after The camp....Skateboarded! They are so fun to watch and are actually landing almost all of these sweet Tricks! Brigham is a total Skateboarder and It is so fun to watch how fast Boston Catches on.

Then they took a break from Wii and relaxed their Muscles in the Hot tub... Ahhh, the life of an "8" year old...
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