Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day Weekend...

Consisted of a Primary activity on Saturday morning with Breakfast with the Dads, then we went to "Jump On it" with the Carsons, and Curry's. We all left there ate lunch at Cafe Rio, and Swam at the AF Rec center (Super cute kids area). Boston had his Indoor Soccer game , then we headed to Happy Sumo for some Dinner. It was Busy but so fun!
Camry, Olivia & Witney

Baby Camden, who is sooooo Dang cute

Hayes jumping around in his Daddy's hat...He wanted to wear a hat like his buddy KJ!

Cory jumping with his Trick board

Witney doing a backflip

Boston backflipping

Carson & Hayes

Hayes & Olivia loving having their own trampoline to jump on.

We know we are spoiled rotten because we have the Best Daddy in the whole wide world! These kids WORSHIP their daddy. Ever since we have had Hayes & Olivia, you can see Cory's heart soften big time,(could be because he has a baby girl) he is such a Succor now and they just all MELT his heart! We love you Cory.... Happy Fathers Day!

Olivia: "daddy your muscles sure are big"! ;)


Jane said...

Great pictures - I love the one of Cory on the trick board & the one of Whitney completely upside down!

tell Cory - HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, he is such an uber Dad!

We really missed your family at our BBQ, we might play Monday night if the neighborhood can all make it - let me know!

Heather said...

That Livie knows how to work her daddy for sure! What a fun weekend. Thanks again for hosting last night. I need that pork recipe.

jt said...

Ya, thanks for hosting, that was yummy! Fun weekend, fun week. thanks for taking brig again too. he's in heaven at your house.

Jenn Granum said...

COry is the best - sweet tricks by the way! Fun day with the cousins!

Diana & Derek said...

Happy Father's Day, Cory!! My muscles are bigger! Derek

Kierstin said...

What a great weekend, it look like you all had a blast. You have the sweetest family Shannon!

Andrea Marie said...

Aw, fun! Your kids are getting so grown up! They are adorable.
P.S. I got the birthday card you sent! Thank you sooo much!

shae-shae said...

hi shash that sounds like so much fun well i miss you guys so much. hayes and olivia are so cute. love you bye*!*

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