Thursday, February 26, 2009

Arizona Cousins

80 degree weather
Zipline over the Pool
Jumping/falling into the Pool
Playing with Rocky {the dog}
Basketball nonstop
IPod Playing
Scottsdale Horse Show
Staying up Late
Tia Rosa's
Fresh & Easy
Strawberries & Creme Smoothies from Starbucks
Shopping at the Scottsdale Mall
 {my fav mall}
Eating Delicious Food
Running the Canal
Late night Gym workouts
Playing on the Playgrounds
spending time with Great Grandparents
Of course, Playing with the Taylor cousins


A fabulous Time...

Brynn couldn't leave Ivy alone, she was so adorable and just loving her new little cousins so much.

Oh and Guess who has 2 new teeth...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Scottsdale Horse Show

Cory's Grandparents own an Arabian Horse Ranch in American Fork and his Uncle Travis is the Trainer there.  Every year in Scottsdale Arizona they have the Horse show that goes on for about a couple of weeks.   Cory used to go all the time to help drive the horses down and help out with what Travis needs.   This year we went to see Grandpa Hansens horse "Patriot" and how cool it was to see that the horse won  "2nd" place in his class for the 3 yr old colts.

Grandpa & Grandma Hansen  & Stephanie {Travis' wife} getting ready to receive the award.

After the big Win, the kids went back to hang out with all the horses and the Taylor cousins.

Boston getting put to work cleaning stalls ;)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Presidents day...

We spent the holiday sledding at Rock Canyon Park. It was so warm outside & we were all a little over dressed. Boston brought his friend Luke and Tasha & John met us up there.

Boston & Luke were so crazy and did so many sweet tricks off of these jumps. I am sure they are feeling it now!

Daddy & Hayes
{excuse Hayes' glasses, but it was bright and he wanted glasses so this was all we had. Lol }

Luke & Boston

My snow Angel all bundled up

Vinny eating snow.

Tasha & Carson

Luke Surfing

Boston flying off of these jumps, it was so fun to watch these two, most landings were crash landings. ha ha



After sledding, we went to "Sammy's Burgers" in provo and it was delicious. They are Famous for their Pie Shakes and Believe me, They are good! Boston said that this is now his new Favorite Restaurant, it's that good!

5 months old...

Ivy is eating Rice Cereal and Loves squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes.  She laughs all the time and is the happiest little baby.  I love when she sees me walk in the room, she follows me with her eyes until i look at her and then she just gets so excited!  She is Rolling over and is grabbing things and putting it in her mouth.  no tooth yet, but she is definitely teething!

We love her to pieces and can't stop kissing her...

She has the cutest little dimple on her left cheek and it is so fun to see it when she is smiling.

Side note~

Olivia was playing house with her Polly pockets with Hayes & he was the little kid.
They didn't know i was listening.  i heard her yell at her pretend little kids {in her high sweet voice} "It's time for Bed, now lay down!"  hahaha  
Sounds like i need to change my night time voice! hee hee

My sister Mindy came by to grab something and heard Ivy crying and said to Hayes and Olivia "wheres my baby?" and Hayes said "she's not your baby, she's my baby!"  and then Mindy said teasing "No, she's my cute little baby!" and Hayes said "You need to go home!" hahaha   

Sunday, February 15, 2009

happy {heart} day!

I Love Valentines Day, & I especially love that it was on a saturday so we could spend the whole day just enjoying it! My kids woke up to some Fun Balloons and Cupcakes! We enjoyed a yummy Crepe breakfast and then watched "Madagascar 2" about 50 X! haha

Cory and I went out the night before to "The Bombay House" {one of our Fav's} we usually like to stay in on Valentines night since everywhere is super busy. We decided since it was SNOWING all day, to go to "Fat Cats" with the kids & go bowling. It was so much fun!

Cory Bowled his Best game ever 168! He had 3 strikes in a row and was pretty much kickin our Trash!

Olivia & Hayes were grabbing their own ball when it was their turn and doing it all by themselves. Hayes' little buddy from School "Jack" was there with his family right next to us, so we pretty much had some SPAZZY little guys trying to wrestle on the Lanes. It was quite amusing for everyone.

Livi would patiently watch her ball slowly but surely knock down the pins, then she would come back so excited.
{ew don't put your hands in your mouth sissy...GERMS}

Boston was actually getting good towards the end and was a little irritated that Hayes & Olivia were beating his score! He's just a little Competitive! haha

Cory really wanted me to take a picture of his score, i am sure he wanted me to blog it! haha

After some fun bowling we headed home and ate our "Heart shaped" Pizza for our Valentines dinner & opened Nana's & Papa's Valentines presents to the kids, It was seriously so fun to just be with the kids on Valentines night!

And don't think we didn't eat a TON of these babies...

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