Thursday, December 30, 2010

look who's "fourty"

can you believe two of my "besties" are turning "40?"
{shhh, Roxy will freak that i said this}

Roxy is here visiting from Hawaii so we snatched her for an afternoon.  
It was fun to hang out with her kids who are getting so big!  
The kids loved seeing eachother, and don't mind us if we let them 
play hide -n- seek in "malawis"  pizza.

these girls are amazing and i loved spending the afternoon 
with then chatting and eating and then some shopping.



look out the window at all the snow! we just got "dumped" on with plenty of snow...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

seriously so in love...

with these kiddos.
I should probably warn you... "picture overload"
it was hard to pick just a few.

my darling friend Katie from "peekaboo" photography took these pictures.
perfect timing because my twins just turned 6 and are starting to lose their teeth.  
So i am so glad we captured these photos.

Boston ~11 years
Hayes & Olivia~6 years
Ivy~2 years

I am so in love!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas morning...

  is always so magical!
We woke up at 7 and were in heaven the whole day!

"LOVE" these excited faces, waiting to come down the stairs together.

the cutest thing was ivy asking "where was buddy?" our elf.
he is now back with Santa at the north pole.
we loved looking for buddy everyday!

santa ate our cookies and even left a note answering the questions from the kids note to him.

boston and his awesome new ski's!
this kid has turned into quite the skier, we love that he was excited to get these babies!

i love looking at these pictures and dying over all the bedhead. love it
especially miss "curly twirls"
 she has some serious bedhead with her curls...

livi has said, that all she wanted was a dsi and a harmonica, and santa surprised her at the bottom of
her stocking with a harmonica, and we are all loving this present! ~not! haha

i love watching hayes open his presents, he opens one and plays with it for a while and then opens another and another until finally we are reminding him to open more presents. 
he's hilarious!

santa always send the kids on a 'treasure hunt' for another present.  
This year they kinda forgot about it, but it was in Livi's stocking and they were all so excited!!  
look at Hayes' face.  LOVE how excited he is to be getting a dsi game, while livi and boston are reading the first clue to the hunt...

the 'treasure hunt' sent them all over the house with 4 clues... then landed them in the front room where they found all their electronic toys!! 
Santa even brought ivy her own iphone ~wink {it's a 'hand me down' itouch customed to her!} 
Boston got the very amazing & oh so fun xbox Kinect and livi and hayes got their own dsi's!  

were are all now in 'video game' coma's...seriously!

we made yummy scones with powdered sugar for breakfast!

Played many games of "old maid" and "toy story yahtzee" and  enjoyed a nice nap
 while kids were in toy heaven!

 we went to the movies with the Carson's to see this. 
then to Nana's and Papa's for some fun games of "mafia" and delcious ham and rolls!

love this time of year!
love being with so much family!
love that my kids thought of something to give to Jesus for his Birthday! 
love my darling family...

feeling extremely blessed and very very loved!

Christmas Eve

we went with some of our taylor cousins bowling, and had so much fun.  
The kids had their own lane and they did awesome! 

good times...

excuse ivy's hair. hahahaha
she is really into wearing her hoodies~ nuff said!

we ate a delicious shrimp dinner at Jill & Tylers with the Curry's and Edwards. 
 Tyler makes the most unbelievable tempura shrimp. 
{no pics,  i left the camera at home}

then we came home and let the kids open their Johnson cousins gifts and make cookies for the big guy. 
every year my kids leave the reindeer some carrots, but this year they got some string cheese. 
{ i heard reindeer like string cheese}

i love how my livi has become a little artist, she loves writing every word and drawing 
cute pictures everywhere.

 this one's for santa...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Grandma Hansen's Birthday/Christmas party...

We celebrated our fabulous and beautiful grandma last night for her "86th" birthday!

Grandma Hansen is so amazing, I learned some very interesting things about her 
that i never knew before, like she was an only child! 
{who would have thought}
  She always wanted a big family and well she got it, she had 13 children!  She now has a gazillion grand & great grandchildren which makes for some fabulous parties!
{my children are her great grandchildren}

Camille played a game about how well we knew grandma, and we learned some great things...

~she was named "muggsie" from  her uncle who put a straw 
hat on her and said "oh you've got a cute little mug" ;)
~her favorite movie is Pollyanna
~favorite actress is Doris Day

she is actually Cory's grandma, but she makes me feel like i am hers as well.  
Everything about her is beautiful.  She raised 13 kids {my mother in law is the oldest} and 
makes it look easy, they always looked so "picture perfect" in all their photos!  
The worlds BEST cook, some of our favorite recipes are from grandma!

Heather Presented her a book of wonderful memories we all wrote about 
Grandma, and i can't wait to read them all.  
Cory wrote some darling memories and i just giggle thinking of them.

Happy Birthday Lavon. 
 We all just adore you... 

Santa came and brought presents to all the kids, this is always a highlight of the night...
{a tradition long before i married into this family! So cute}

Hayes giving santa "five"

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Greatest SNOW on Earth"...

right here in UTAH!!  

we have been playing with our cousins the last couple of days in Park City! 
Skiing in the best powder ever!

We are so spoiled living here in Utah, where we really do have the "greatest snow on earth"
anyone and everyone i talked to at the resort was from out of town or out of the country. 
loving all of our fresh snow!

the resort was packed, but we didn't mind.  Boston was no where to be found as he went skiing with Cory or Derek.  He loves all this powder!

we love playing with my sister & her family when she comes to ski!
We had a fabulous time!

~be sure to get your discount tickets and rentals at one of our 5 Canyon Sports stores!
sweet deals!

my sister with all the kids, isn't she the best!

um, holy cuteness!!


 who doesn't love a little night swimming after a great day of skiing/boarding??  We DO!!


How adorable is little miss ivy?  skiing with her daddy...

Love this picture...

Cory & Hayes on the chairlift.

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