Thursday, December 30, 2010

look who's "fourty"

can you believe two of my "besties" are turning "40?"
{shhh, Roxy will freak that i said this}

Roxy is here visiting from Hawaii so we snatched her for an afternoon.  
It was fun to hang out with her kids who are getting so big!  
The kids loved seeing eachother, and don't mind us if we let them 
play hide -n- seek in "malawis"  pizza.

these girls are amazing and i loved spending the afternoon 
with then chatting and eating and then some shopping.



look out the window at all the snow! we just got "dumped" on with plenty of snow...


LuLu said...

Oh how fun! I hope that Roxy doesn't see this post. You're gonna die, ha ha! I love Malawi's. Like TONS!

Jenn Granum said...

Oh Roxy will kill you! She's never told me how old she is. I will have to tease her now! Looks like a fun restaurant. Miss you guys!

{jane} said...

that is awesome! how sweet of you to get them all together for a forty-lunch! hehe... i love that roxy doesn't share her age, that's classic! and i love the snow dumped in the background such a typical snowy day pic for around here.

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