Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve

we went with some of our taylor cousins bowling, and had so much fun.  
The kids had their own lane and they did awesome! 

good times...

excuse ivy's hair. hahahaha
she is really into wearing her hoodies~ nuff said!

we ate a delicious shrimp dinner at Jill & Tylers with the Curry's and Edwards. 
 Tyler makes the most unbelievable tempura shrimp. 
{no pics,  i left the camera at home}

then we came home and let the kids open their Johnson cousins gifts and make cookies for the big guy. 
every year my kids leave the reindeer some carrots, but this year they got some string cheese. 
{ i heard reindeer like string cheese}

i love how my livi has become a little artist, she loves writing every word and drawing 
cute pictures everywhere.

 this one's for santa...

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Anonymous said...

I love livi's drawing!

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