Friday, December 10, 2010

"SIX" years old today!

Happy Birthday to my angels!  

 these two keep me smiling, help me to love stronger and definitely pull at my heartstrings.
they're our babies. 
 We have babied them since birth, and they still try to grow up. {wink}

my darling friend katie from "peekaboo" took these pictures.  
{more coming soon}

these two have been counting down the sleeps until Today, 
they even made their own chain link advent calendar to their birthday.  They love kindergarten,
 have so many fun friends and are each others best friend.  

We feel so blessed to have them healthy and with us here today, they are true little miracles! 
Six years ago I made many promises to their brother parker, and i hope 
i'm holding up my end of the bargain. 
~we miss him dearly.

Some of Livi's favorites...

playing with friends {she loves friends}
riding bikes & scooters 
math {she's doing 1st grade math!}
reading~she is always sounding out stuff 

my favorite thing about Olivia is she is always trying to make us happy, 
she loves to come help me in the kitchen with cleaning or cooking. You can give her a chore and she will ALWAYS be the first one to get right to it and finish her job. No complaining. 
 She brightens her dad's day with her laugh.  He melts for those giggles.
He is such a softy when it comes to his princess.  
she's such a fun daughter, always smiling and still so so sweet.

 some of Hayes' favorites...

loves playing his DS
xbox with boston
wrestling with his buddies
riding bikes
hanging out at home {total home body}

he loves his pretend stories at night from dad! i love hearing the giggling 
when cory tells him a bedtime story.
he still loves little figurines & can play for hours with tiny things, he is so imaginitive! This boy is hilarious.  he always keeps us laughing and he and boston have become such cute little buddies.  
Hayes is crazy, fun, hyper & also very sensitive.  He gives the best hugs to momma!
he loves loves loves his baby sister ivy.  

happy birthday my loves, i cannot imagine life without you...
xxoo, mom


jt said...

Love love the cute photos, Happy Birthday you two!! Their cousins want to call them later today...

Jackie said...

Can't believe it's been six years!!! Happy birthday to Hays and Livi!!

Granum Family said...

I can't believe they are six and I can't believe how adorable these pictures are. Too cute!

Heather Kelley Pinegar said...

So cute!! Happy Birthday Haysie Bugs and Livi!!
...and if Ivy gets an iphone before me I will die with laughter! What a fun kid she is.

Jenna said...

wow! They are so stinkin gorgeous and cute!!!! I didn't know you had twins!

Heather said...

I love those kiddos! Happy birthday Hayes and Liv!

Jenn Granum said...

Oh these little stinkers are all grown up! Sending lots of love their way for their big day, and of course big kisses and prayers to their sweet angel brother, Parker! Love you guys!

{jane} said...

darling pictures! love peekaboo!

and how is it possible that these two are SIX?!?

damn time. it just keeps on tickin'!

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