Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cousins Christmas party...

The curry's were fabulous enough to allow us to have the Hansen Cousins party 
at their house this year.

SO much fun!

We had the Theme of "pay it forward"
 We started it out with a cousin "service" exchange  that Tasha had done before through 
"Elfster"  which is awesome, You put your names in and it anonymously
 assigns you to your secret elf. you can email and ask as many questions as possible.  
We decided to keep our secret cousin gift to an act of service, little or big.  

it was so fun to be surprised & had no idea who did it for you,
 and then we revealed who we were that night.

 the night of the party we had a "soup kitchen" with yummy soup & bread bowls.
Tasha had found cards to pass out that said "pay it forward" and bracelets.

then of course the fabulous 'white elephant' gift exchange, that is always so hilarious!

The Hostesses...
{p.s  yes i have braces...}

Of all people, we were dying that McCall opened this present!! haha

Lacey and her jeweled "maxi pad slippers"  homeade of course!!

this is just so cute, their new little puppy 'Bauer'  
isn't he adorable?

my kids all want a puppy for Christmas! haha


{jane} said...

beautiful family, shan, that first pic is gorgeous & your braces look it's gorgeous brace face, you!

{great gag gifts!}

Jenn Granum said...

You are still cute with braces! And McCall is looking very grown up and hot. Has anyone snatched her up yet? Won't be long!

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