Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Taylor Christmas dinner.

We had our annual Christmas dinner and Nativity at the gunther home this year.

we had the most amazing Nativity program that candace put together and all the kids
in their costumes.  Always so amazing and absolutely adorable.

Cory made his famous Prime Rib to go with the rest of the delicious dinner, and then we
 had the cousins gift exchange along with the adults.

it's always so fun when we get together and the kids love playing a part in the nativity.

hayes was Joseph and he was so excited!
livi was an angel 
Boston was one of the wisemen 
and Ivy was a cow! haha

so stinkin cute.  
and not a dry eye this year while Ava sang her darling song to start out the program.
it was so beautiful, the whole production!

taylor brothers with their daughters

 Hayes as Joseph and Reese as mary

Ivy did not want to be an angel, so we found her a cow costume. hahaha 

The Tables made by Reese and Hannah.
look at how darling the girls did the tables, they did some art work by everyone's name.
I loved how they did Cory's , because it was his Birthday!!
isn't that so darling?

two little buddies/cousins 
{the only two boys amongst the many little girl cousins}


we sang "happy birthday" to all of the December babies!
 We ate cake with "graham canyon" & "brunt almond fudge" ice cream from BYU Creamery
seriously the busiest birthday month for birthdays. Look at all those...

the moment they've all been waiting for!!


{jane} said...

i love that you have all these family members who have traditional parties for the holidays at THEIR homes...everything we do usually happens at our home or it doesn't happen - cute cute tables and LOVE that ivy had to be a cow instead of an angel - hahaha!

Jenn Granum said...

Ivy as a cow instead of an angel? That's awesome! How fun for your kids to have so many parties with all those cousins.

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