Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The "LIVE" Nativity...

in Alpine Utah!

The story of how this came about is beautiful... you can read all about it here.  
 It's wonderful!

we didn't have to wait in line very long.  
But while we were waiting for the horse trailer to take us up to the barns
 my little hayes was smiling so big and told livi "yeah we get to go see Jesus and Parker!" 
he was so excited! 

I guess i didn't explain it very well.  It was kinda sad that i had to tell him it's 
just someone acting the parts to the baby Jesus.  I just love that boy!  his heart is gold!

this was such a cool thing especially for my kids to see.  We met shepherds along the way who told us the story how there was no room at the inn.

while we were walking to bethlehem we saw Roman soldiers on horses acting the part.  
the first barn was filled with camels, and shepherds with donkeys and all sorts of people working {making baskets, pottery, leather, etc..} then you walk out to hear beautiful caroling coming from the second barn where you see Mary Joseph and the baby Jesus.

it was Awesome!
so perfect and fitting this time of year.

there were thousands of people there.  so cool!
this goes on every year and all donations go to the huntsman cancer foundation!

 these pictures are from Cory's phone because my camera died! Ugh... still so cute.


Heather said...

I'm glad you loved it. It is my favorite Christmas tradition!

Hannah Ashmore said...

Is this still going on? Do you have times and dates? This looks amazing.

{jane} said...

Wow, very cool event! have you heard of the candlelight service at heritage park {this is the place monument}? it seems really similiar to this only even MORE amazing...you should check it out, totally your kind of thing! google it. :)

beautiful family!!!

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