Monday, December 06, 2010

my son...

who is  eleven years old is extremely self disciplined, 
we don't know where he got it! 
{maybe aunt holli~wink} 

...just finished reading the "Book of Mormon"  
he rocks!  

i told  him I would read it with him and i am still in 2nd Nephi! haha
{we've been reading the new testament~wink}
he is growing up to be such an amazing kid, he teaches us so much everyday!

Cory & I always ask ourselves..."how did we get this kid?"  
he truly is always doing what's right, and just an amazing boy. 
 I hate that he is growing up so fast, but love who he is growing into.

love this boy!


Cassy said...

You do have an awesome group of kids :)

Jenn Granum said...

Boston - you ROCK!

{jane} said...

Boston SERIOUSLY ROCKS! you better get your act together, shan!

i remember our very first sunday in church here. we sat in the back near you guys...Boston was five, i think. I kept obvserving him, he was sitting so still, never a move, and i was thinking, "what the crap - what kid behaves THAT good during sacrament meeting?!? I think just once i saw Cory give him "the eye" for something! hehehehe...

he is good to the bone!

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