Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pajama party!!

I can't explain how much i love our Kindergarten class!  
My kids have a fabulous teacher {3 actually} and she is so patient!
for their class christmas party they were having a pajama party while they 
ate cereal and watched 'annabelle's wish' they were asked to bring their favorite
 pillow and blanket.

my kids have an obsession with these footed sleepers. 
so i kinda cringed when they wanted to wear these jammies instead 
of their darling darling christmas Jammies!  

still so so cute...

Boston's class was so fun, they had a breakfast brunch.
every 5th grader brought their favorite cereal and  the tables were decorated with
 wrapping paper while they ate their cereal brunch and did arts and crafts.

t by the time i got there to take a  picture they had taken it all down and were playing dodge ball!
Boston was very into the game, as children were getting hurt left and right. lets just say t
hat the teachers call him "very competitive."
{i pulled him aside and kindly told him to not play so rough and hit the kids hard with the ball and he looked at me with a smirk like i was an idiot and said "that's the whole point of the game"
 ~boys will be boys}


LuLu said...

Ha! I love it! Boston is a total stud. And what's wrong with footie jammies? Husdon wears his all day long. As soon as we step foot in the house he demands that i change him immediately!

kt said...

#1: I wish I had footed jammies, but have to make sure the feet fit or you have to cut them out.
#2: Boston is hilarious.

{jane} said...

cute jammies! i hate that the twins are getting so big, i want to just hold them at the age they are...

Boston rocks!

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