Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Calling all SUPERHEROES!"

My little hayes-ie bugs had such a fun "superhero" party!

Hayes' favorite place is 'jump on it' and we had a blast flipping and jumping with
 friends and a surprise appearance from ...


Batman was so awesome,  he did backflips and jumped with the kids. Played tag with
 them and showed them how he learned all his sweet 'bat tricks' then he told 
them to follow him so they could jump off of tall buildings!

 it was Perfect! They loved him!

I made all these superhero capes for the kids with the initial "H" for Hayes aka {Hero}  
and i must admit it was so worth it seeing all these superheroes 
jumping around with those capes on.  My friend Stacia made the awesome cake,
 she's got some serious skillz!

and i promise i did not rent out the whole place... i just love how No one was there but us!!
such a fun day for my boy...


LuLu said...

Oh my gosh, seriously? Shannon, you are the greatest Mom ever! Looks like a super fantastic 6th birthday!

Anonymous said...

The perfect party for Hayes, I bet all his friends loved it! Happy 6th birthday Hayes!

{jane} said...

the PERFECT party for Hayes!

ok, i LOVE the invitations, CAKE, the variety of the bottles of water, but oh rocked the house with those capes!!! after i saw the pictures, i just went and hunted down KJ, i'm like, "where's your cape from Hayes' party???" i guess he let another boy have it, which is good... but i was thinking, "how did i miss that???"

Hayes holding the cake is so funny! love that picture! and then i saw your family pic and i was like, "shannon's teeth are blue?!?" hehe..brace face! i totally forgot. you're gonna love those perfect teeth in a year!

good job, two parties in two days...i hope you napped on sunday!

Jenn Granum said...

The capes made the party! It looks SO cool seeing all the boys jumping with super hayes capes on. What a fabulous idea! Your theming on both parties was awesome! I sure hope you kiddos appreciate that they have one awesome momma!

Jenn Granum said...

PS - I am, however, a little disappointed that you did not dress up as Wonder Woman and bust out some back flips! Hahaha! I am laughing to myself just thinking about it. That would have been awesome!

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