Wednesday, December 08, 2010

must be Santa...

yep, it's the real deal at the "riverwoods."

Santa is jolly, round and plump and free horse carraige rides too!

 we went to see Santa with the Birchall's on the opening night when
 they lit the lights and Donny Osmond gave the countdown.
it was awesome.

even ivy loved him!

Santa asked them what they wanted...
Boston~xbox kinect
Hayes~snowboard {were still wondering where he got that idea. haha}
Olivia~nintendo Dsi 
Ivy~iphone ... she is crackin us up! 


Jenn Granum said...

Oh he is the real deal! Just darling.

{jane} said...

so cute! i've gone over to the riverwoods like six times since all those lights and decor went up and it is so festive and fun! i love the remodel over there. however, we were busy this night or we'd have totally seen you there!

cute cute santa.

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