Sunday, December 12, 2010

Birthday Bliss...

My little cutie's couldn't wait for their birthday breakfast of
yummy crepes!

~we sang to them with the #6 candle on their crepe.
 {that's what they wanted so bad!}

~had a school party with their friends, while I presented their posterboards & treats!
{they were the 'star students'}

~enjoyed their favorite "spaghetti w meatballs" dinner with our cousins, made by dad.

it was such a fun day!


Another wonderful & crazy thing about boy/girl twins is their birthday parties.  
i love to keep them together but branched out last year and did separate
 parties for them but at the same time.  
Fun, but a little crazy having all the kids together,  plus i really 
wanted to enjoy them at their own party.  So we did separate days this year. 

 Olivia was first...

 we had a darling little tea party for her. 
 We just love "Dear Lizzie" & thought it would 
be just perfect for our girl to have an afternoon tea with her 
friends for her "sixth" birthday! 

she loved it!  {mom loved it~wink}
the girls ate turkey sandwiches and cupcakes while drinking their tea. 
the table was decorated so darling and the girls came all dressed up.

pretty stinkin adorable if you ask me!

The Invitations to the 'tea party'
cute little crowns with the girls initial on them...

the treats at the table...

the favors to the girls

the darling little girls... 

all livi wanted for her birthday was for her daddy to shave his beard. 
so she helped him shave it off.  doesn't he look so handsome?!!
such a softy of a dad.

Ivy and Hayes kept switching spots at the table.

i love how Hayes could care less that he was the only boy there.  We were actually all sitting next to their table with our own drinks adoring the girls tea party {boston thoroughly playing his rubix cube}, but hayes had a spot if he wanted to sit with them and good thing he did, because the girls took a while to warm up and talk to eachother, and hayes got colee giggling like crazy.  

He's good for some entertainment when you need it!

girl parties are so much different than boys. 

 Girls really are sugar & spice and everything nice...
scroll down to the next post to see Hayes' party we had the next morning!!


LuLu said...

Oh my goodness! That is heaven on earth for little girls! Don't you just love everything about Dear Lizzie's? And the crowns are beyond adorable!

becky said...

love how everything turned out! may be biased but the crowns are adorable! Wink.

L Johnson said...

So sweet, a very happy 6th to Livi;)

Lance and Kara Ford Family said...

such a cute party! I've never been to dear lizzie, looks darling. Happy Birthday Olivia!

{jane} said...

happy birthday livi's!

loved the invitations. ours is still sitting on top of a tree by our fireplace! it's really cute there, too!

loved every detail, my gosh, it was an ADORABLE party. the first picture is so cute, olivia is beautiful & the background of dear lizzie is so CHARMING in every picture! loved the party favors, tea, sandwiches, cupcakes...LOVED how quiet it was and how darling the girls were! love that picture of ivy, she is so stinkin' cute.

has cory started growing his beard back, yet??? such a good daddy!

Jenn Granum said...

That just may be the cutest birthday party EVER!

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