Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pirates & Princesses... "the birthday party"

Guess who's "5"?

10 princesses, 12 pirates... crazy fun!

We had a fabulous birthday party for Hayes & Olivia. This was my first time "splitting" {kind of} them up with their parties.

~Pirates went right upstairs in the game room and got to Party with Cap n' jack sparrow, got some sweet Tattoo's, bandanas, eye patches, played some arcades and drank some bottled root beer and ate pirate booty & sword sandwiches... then they all went on a "Treasure hunt" to find their TREASURES. Cap n' jack had sword fights with all the boys! It was a BLAST!

~Princesses stayed downstairs while "Sleeping Beauty" told them stories of how she met Prince Phillip. She showed them how to dance with out falling... "Princesses never fall down"

While eating lunch with sleeping beauty {star & heart sandwiches, and princess fruit snacks} "Princess Aurora" gave a toast to all the little Princesses. showed them how to eat and drink like a princess.
then the girls got to "bedazzle" themselves with feathered boas, jewelry & Crowns. They danced some more and played games. It was so Perfect!

the atmosphere was totally different from upstairs with the boys to downstairs with the girls.
both equally Perfect...

then the pirates invaded the princesses and the girls got kind of scared of Jack Sparrow, but they sang "happy birthday" ate cupcakes and then they all meshed together!

be sure to click here to have "sleeping beauty" come to your party.
So. much. fun.

Princesses first...

and of course livi had to change into a different costume half way through the party. ~wink

and now the Pirates...

all the little pirates right before the "Treasure Hunt"


Kierstin said...

Oh my goodness!!!! What an AWESOME idea-their party could not be any cuter!!!! How perfect and fun for both of them, I love all of the pictures!

curryclan said...

so cool! Carson had a BLAST. He must have learned some super duper moves with his sword cause I have seen some major sword fighting going on.

Decker Family said...

Looks like heaven- Happy Birthday Olivia and Hayes!

John and Ann Tolman said...

awesome! I want my party there next year!!!

Jenn Granum said...

Cutest party ever! I loved them both! That must have been chaos going back and forth. Those cupcakes are the bomb and the flower balloons!

jane said...

look at your posts! you're putting lots of extra goodies into them these days, i'm so impressed!

that first picture of sleeping beauty & captain jack with livi & hayes is awesome, you should totally have it printed on canvas for their room.

my kids had a GREAT time at the party, it was so cute and now KJ wants "pirate booty" all the time!

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