Monday, June 28, 2010


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Friday, June 25, 2010

Hiking the "Y"

we did it!

we decided to hike to the "Y" at night while my niece grace was here.  She had never done it before and was so excited to do it while she was here, and it was awesome.  It was a gorgeous night and i didn't want to leave my baby out of the fun so we put her in a backpack and off we went.

i can't believe how good these kids did.
My twins were awesome, no complaining at all and livi was even way ahead of me.  

i for sure thought they wouldn't make it to the top but i knew Boston would. so i was planning on hanging out with the little ones until everyone came back down the mountain.

to my surprise, they climbed all the way to the top!!!

my little babies {5 yr olds} were ahead of me the whole time, and they had soccer camp that same morning very early.

I loved it!  
It was a proud mommy moment.  I am so proud of these guys!  


ivy wanted to get out and hike for a bit, she thinks she's a "big girl." 
 doesn't she know she's my baby??


liberty land

my sister Rachel has been here for the week so we have been busy playing with cousins and having sleepovers!

We took the kids to "Liberty Land" which is now Trafalga!  No one is there and we had the whole place to ourselves.  It looks like a ghetto place off the freeway but my kids love it!

we went rock climbing, played laser tag and rode all sorts of rollercoasters.  Pretty much the cutest little kids laser tag i have ever been in...

"arrow of light"

guess who is no longer a "cub scout?"

yep, Boston had his last pack meeting in cub scouts and now is moving on to "Boy Scouts"
we had Pack meeting outside and him and his friend Luke got their "arrow of light" and "duty to god" award.  
the twins were excited to see the indian and have them walk across the bridge...

soccer camp

This is Boston's 3rd year going to "planet ball academy" and Hayes & Olivia's  first year!

they love it.  

especially because our coach is seriously AMAZ-ing! 
 He has been trained annually by professional coaches and trainers of the current World Cup Champion Brazilian National team.  

He is excellent with kids and very patient. 
He loves my livi.
  I love how he is so kind and sweet to her but all the other kids have to work so hard and be so aggressive! ha
he always tells her "your my favorite deputy"  

i can't tell you enough about how wonderful this camp is.  i have seen Boston progress big time from this coach.  I want to go to soccer camp.
Boston goes to the "intermediate" camp after the twins and it is a killer workout!
  He is trying to get Boston on his "All Stars" team.

they have soccer camp tues/thurs all of june and july.

we have recruited some of our friends and cousins to come along with us...

after "Soccer camp" we have a bunch of starving tired children, and they love to go to chuch e cheese ...

toy story 3...

loved it!

i totally teared up at the end. 

this is my twins favorite disney of all time, so of course they came dressed as their fav characters!  And yes people wanted their pictures.
they were feeling pretty cute!


 this was pretty much one of the most amazing races ever!
hands down one of my greatest experiences.

12 girls, 2 vans, 188 miles of running through the most beautiful parts of utah.  

2 of the girls in our van were last minute recruits for the race and we didn't even know them. 
haha it was awesome!
i laughed so much, these women were so encouraging and i am so glad to have made this experience with them.

can't wait until next year!!!  I'm registering... 
who's in??

Van 2 was our van...

this was through "Pineview" reservoir... my old stomping grounds. 
we owned one of those gorgeous condos {in the background} and were boating in that lake all the time. I love Pineview, and all these trails we were driving by were my fav biking trails EVER!

the view of one of our runs up to "snowbasin" resort... 
absolutely gorgeous! 

 this was shaunae's 5 mile run UP...


after van 2's finish of our first legs, we ate a yummy dinner at snowbasin resort.  they stayed open until 
3 am for all the runners!  

we took a little rest {3hrs} at a friends cabin and then back to running at 2 am!

my favorite run was my 2nd leg!
I ran 7.2 miles at 2:40 am... through a dark canyon with a headlamp on.   i ran an 8 minute mile and was jamming out to Miley Cyrus' "i can't be tamed"  i was LOVING it!! 
I know, i can't help it, it's the pre teen in me!!

our van ran through the night and ended at 8am!  we all layed our blankets out where the exchange between vans were and ate a delicious breakfast, Compliments of the scouts and rested before our last leg.

when we met at the exchange to get ready to run our last legs from Heber into Park City i saw my good friend Shannon and her hubby!  It is so fun to see all your friends who are crazy enough to do this relay.  
Love this girl!!

one of my favorites... "Wasatch back" {haha}

Shaunae ran the very last run from Deer Valley resort over into the Canyons resort, where we all met with her {Both Vans} and ran in together..."ALL OF US"  

It was so awesome.  first to finally be done, but to see your family at the finish line was 
we were so tired, emotional and so incredibly sore!

we ran through the finish line at 7pm!!

 In honor of "bradley's" birthday 
{her son turned 12}

Here we are...
"the Real housewives"
of Utah county!

notice van 1 all had nice showers and gorgeous hair before meeting up with us. haha


My awesome family at the finish line... 
couldn't WAIT to see them!!

the princess festival...

so cute, just hot and long...

Olivia and her cousin Camry went with me to the "Princess Festival"  they got to meet all the princesses, rapunzal, cinderella's step-sisters.  Had a tea party with Mad hatter and Alice,  fought with capt' hook and much more.

it was a darling day and all of these characters were volunteers for a wonderful foundation.  All the money and donations went to a great cause.  It made the 4 hr day{ugh} worth it.

they went on a treasure hunt to find if their glass slipper would fit and if so then they could meet "prince charming" 

i noticed peter pan and captain hook were there, but i am still glad I didn't bring Hayes.  It wasn't  a day for boys...

cinderella's 'step-sisters' 
they were so funny,  always arguing and acting the whole time!

snow white's house with the 7 dwarfs beds...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

i've been training for...

utah's 'ragnar relay' also known as the 

"wasatch back"

12 girlfriends running 200 miles from logan to park city in a relay.
6 days and counting...

i will be running 16.5 miles total and i am sooo excited!

wish me luck!!

football camp

it would be an understatement to tell you that Boston couldn't wait to go to Lonepeak football camp...

he loves football and has been dying to play tackle football this fall. 
 This will be his first year playing tackle and he is so pumped.

his dad plays with him and toughens him up for those hits that are about to come.
he just got fitted for all his Ridell equipment and he is doing camps all summer to prepare.

at this camp he was so excited that his team placed 4th in the 7 on 7 tournament.
that day Boston scored 3 touchdowns and 1 interception.

at the end of the week they had a big bbq at the end of the tournament and handed out awards. the kids all had some super awesome coaches!

Skins vs. Shirts
this picture below is of him {red/white shorts} catching the winning touchdown, i still can't believe i got a picture of him.  he was so proud!


boston with his cousin chase who is the quarterback for Lonepeak football this year! 
we will be his BIGGEST fans!!

Monday, June 07, 2010

"spring" pics...

{aka my talented sil}

i pretty much love them... 
and think my husband is one hot looking man ~wink




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