Friday, June 25, 2010

soccer camp

This is Boston's 3rd year going to "planet ball academy" and Hayes & Olivia's  first year!

they love it.  

especially because our coach is seriously AMAZ-ing! 
 He has been trained annually by professional coaches and trainers of the current World Cup Champion Brazilian National team.  

He is excellent with kids and very patient. 
He loves my livi.
  I love how he is so kind and sweet to her but all the other kids have to work so hard and be so aggressive! ha
he always tells her "your my favorite deputy"  

i can't tell you enough about how wonderful this camp is.  i have seen Boston progress big time from this coach.  I want to go to soccer camp.
Boston goes to the "intermediate" camp after the twins and it is a killer workout!
  He is trying to get Boston on his "All Stars" team.

they have soccer camp tues/thurs all of june and july.

we have recruited some of our friends and cousins to come along with us...

after "Soccer camp" we have a bunch of starving tired children, and they love to go to chuch e cheese ...


Birchall Family said...

Love soccer camp...thank you for making me get my lazy butt out of bed, and go. It really is the kids most favorite thing this summer.
Chucky Cheese was nasty as always. Can't believe you really love that pizza, you are nuts!
Thanks for letting me hang out with you and all your sisters. Can I come to the next family reunion too?? Hahaha!
You forgot to mention the day we went to 7 peaks! Us and 5,000 others...CRAZY!

{jane} said...

boston is almost as tall as his coach!!! i'm proud of you for getting your kids to soccer camp - i traded it in a couple years ago for sleep. well, that's not entirely true, this summer we are awake and going at 8am, but it's tennis and golf...

Jenn Granum said...

Boston is such a great soccer player! Team USA could sure use his help. So fun that Hayes and Livi are getting into it too.

Candace said...

Soccer rules! Just ask Uncle Judd! Way to go Boston, Hayes, and Livi!

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