Friday, November 30, 2007

The elves came this morning...

One of my Favorite Christmas Traditions is the Elves coming to our house...
When i was little the elves (westy, andy & drew) would stop in and bring us a treat if we were being good and helping out with Family duties. Well that is one of the Traditions that i have kept with my kids, and they love it!
This morning, they left Pajamas and Polar Express tickets!
Boston really thinks we are going to the North Pole (oops! i am gonna disappoint him BIG TIME)
He missed the photo shoot this morning, he was at school before Hayes & Olivia woke up.

~Today while getting my Tires Rotated, i was waiting in the lobby and This BIG, Chubby old man with a kind of Nasty long beard came in and Hayes started Yelling "Santa", "Santa", Hi Santa, then gets down off the chair and runs up by him and stopped in front of him (before i could get him) and said " I love you Santa" hahahahaha Everyone was laughing!
He is on one today, it's so funny!

Happy Birthday Cookie!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Here is an Idea for Jake and Andrea's Wedding Dance!
This is so awesome! I SO wish Cory and I would have done this at our Wedding! hahahaha
(Press pause on Shannon's Tunes at the Bottom of this page)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A night for "The Girls"...

My super Cute, Festive and Creative friend Jane had her Annual "Pomander" party tonight!
They are so fun to make and just nice to have some Adult Conversation. They turned out so cute and i love how they smell up my kitchen. We had "Bombay house", and "Sam Hawk" (korean food) for our dinner and just chatted, & laughed the night away.
Thanks Jane for the Wonderful night!

We just couldn't help it! hee hee hee
I love these girls!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Break...

Well, our Cousins left and we are back to the same ol' routine. We had so much fun with all the Taylors Cousins! The day after Thanksgiving i took the kids (the ones who were interested) to see Santa at University Mall, he was flying in on a Helicopter! It was so Awesome, Cold but Very Awesome! The helicopter flew right over us and made it soooooo Windy and that was the Hi-lite of the Event. There was Hot chocolate, Cookies, Dancing, Christmas Music, and Jugglers who picked Brookie and Boston out of the Crowd to be part of the Juggling Act!

We Played Hard! Lots of Football, Basketball, X Box, Wii, Birthday Parties, Movies, and More...
One night we went to to a late night movie while Witney, Ally, & Brookie babysat. We saw "August Rush", it was Fabulous! (thanks girlies;)
Sunday morning they were off back to Arizona, and Boston sat on the Couch with a big grin and said, "That was the best 5 days of my life".....It was so cute!
Then we got the bug to put out all the Christmas stuff, So we are now Officially ready! One thing you must all have this Season is the "Tree" fragrance "Wallflower" from Bath & Body works! Oh it smells awesome.
Tis The season....

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Birthday NANA!

We Love you Nana, and Hope you have a Wonderful Birthday Today!
Lots of Hugs and Kisses coming your way...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

"Thanksgiving day"

Cory, Boston and all the Boys started off the day with "Football" at 7:30 am with all the Hansen,Carson & Taylor Boys! Boston Scored 6 touchdowns, and an Interception and was totally pumped about his 3 hour morning of football games!
Since i was up with them, i finished my Book "the Great Gatsby" and then Decorated all the Tables by 9:30. Yes it took a while but i did have 21 adults, 7 Pre teens/Teens, & 9 toddlers ....It was so much fun and the tables turned out so cute, thanks to Ally and her Wonderful art work on the toddler and little kids tables!
The food was DELICIOUS and i am still so stuffed! We went to see the movie "Enchanted" after dinner and met my sisters and their kids, so we had lots of fun cousins filling up the theater!
The movie was awesome, i totally loved it! After the Movie i came home to a totally clean kitchen and house, so thank you so much Phil,Shea & Heather!

I love Thanksgiving, and am so Extremely grateful for Healthy Children, a Loving Amazing Husband, and Family, Family, Family!

This is the Pre teen/ Teen table...they did all sorts of crossword puzzles and word searches.

The kids have been having a Blast, Hayes has been walking around all night saying "i Love So So" (sophie) He & Olivia love playing with Brynn and Sophie. Boston of course is loving every minute of it...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving "feast" at School...

Today was the last day of school for the Thanksgiving Break! We are so excited to have our Taylor Cousins come and stay with us for Thanksgiving! We have lots of fun stuff planned!
We had his Class Thanksgiving Feast today also, and it was so yummy! One of the mom's made a cute turkey out of Fruit and vegetables!

I am going to give the guitar hero Clip another try....For some reason it wasn't working for some of you and so let me know if you can on this one!
By the way Boston is SO Good at it, and he is on the "Expert" level playing "Slow Ride"
Tonight Boston and I have soccer games at Timpanogos indoor soccer at the same time! Should be fun.
Happy Thanksgiving...

Monday, November 19, 2007

Boston on "Expert" guitar hero 3...

This is Boston playing "Slow Ride" on Guitar hero 3! We were watching "You tube" last night, and he saw all these kids totally Jammin' out, so he wanted to try it on the "Expert" one!
He is SERIOUSLY Awesome at this, and this is just the first video that i took of him playing, he is now WAY better at it!
(press pause on Shannon's Tunes )

Sunday, November 18, 2007

HaPpY BiRtHdAy HeAtHeR...

( i laugh everytime i see this picture of you and i bringing home a NY pizza to our boys...True love! Also the girl i tried to get to take our picture) haha

Happy Birthday Cute, adorable, Skinny Heather! I Love how Sweet and Loving you are to everyone, and i like to think that i HAND picked you to be in this Family! hehehe (seriously i did)
I love shopping, talking, & learning lots with you and hanging out with your little family! You have such an addicting personality and I LOVE everything about you! Thanks for being such a good friend on top of being my Sil!
Hope you have a great Birthday!

Monday, November 12, 2007

"Color me Mine"

Today after school, i took Boston and the Activity days girls to "Color Me Mine"(i only have 2 girls right now :)). It is this cute ceramic store, where you pick out what you want to paint, paint it, and they bake it and give it back to you a couple of days later. It is so cute there, and we got really Creative, Especially Boston. He couldn't make up his mind on Camoflauge, or BYU football, or Money....So he just combined them. I made a Hot chocolate Mug with polka dots, Maddie made a Cute plate with Polka dots, and Sydney made a Santa Claus.

We get to pick it all up on Thursday!
It is a great way to use your creative side & a super cute Birthday Party Idea!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

"fancy nancy"...

She is our "fancy nancy" that is for sure! Latley Olivia is doing her own hair, and loves to put on her barbie shoes, with the fancy fur on them. Hayes will occasionally wear the shoes too! ( i have no idea why HE lovess the shoes so much)
These two make us laugh all day....They are saying the funniest things and are the Best of Friends.

Today we went to the Hospital to see our little baby Cousin "Will" at the NICU and while we were there the nurses and Dr's who helped take care of Hayes and Olivia were loving to see them!
They say it is so rewarding to see the kids they take care of doing so well! When you spend 12 weeks with these nurses you make some serious Bonds, and Friendships! (so sadly they know my kids really well) Will is now in Good hands with the nurses we Set him up with!

I have to Tell what Boston said the other day to me:

Boston- "mom when you were little, you were so rich that you would look under the couches and find money?"

Me -"No Boston, We were so poor when i was little that we would look under the couches and try to find money!"

Boston- "Well it's a good thing you married dad, He's a Millionaire" (dead serious look on his face) hehehehehe

Kids say the Greatest things, and have NO idea!! ;)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Fall Photos...

My Sil Candace took some Family pictures on Sunday for us. The weather here has been absolutley beautiful and i had to jump at the chance!
They turned out awesome, and very fallish. Thanks a ton Candace!
Check out her website @ Snapdragon Photography (under construction)
or Shot thru the Heart!

Monday, November 05, 2007

HaPpY BiRtHdAy JaNeR!!!!!

~One of my Favorite memories of you is when you were 7 mo. pregnant with Brigham and we were Boogie Boarding(Hard Core) in Kauai and we couldn't get out of the Under current! Each time we would try to catch our breath, another wave would come crashing down on us, while we were laughing our heads off! We somehow got out, but couldn't breathe, because of Laughing, or trying to survive, i don't remember. (maybe that is why Brigham is so crazy hehe) But i love to think back at that time and It always makes me Smile.
The other memory i love is when i came home from the Hospital after i had the babies and had a meltdown, and somehow you were right there at my door, ready to take care of me. You have such a SWEET and Loving Heart, & I will always remember that!
I LOVE how fun of a Mom, Sister and Friend you are! I don't know anyone else who would Race me down the Hotel Hallway at midnight!!!
I love how you always came and supported/took Picures of any event that i would do!
I miss your delicious cooking!
Hope you have a GREAT Birthday & have so much Fun in MEXICO!!!!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Jazz vs. Warriors...

We had a blast tonight at the Jazz game with our "warrior" friends, the Granums!
The Warriors were doing awesome in the first quarter and then the Jazz came up by the second quarter and the Rest is History!! GO JAZZ!
We had a "suite" for all of us and had dinner catered and ice cream with LOTS of toppings for Half time!
The kids were very Entertaining, and were shown spazzing out on the Jumbo tron (sp?).
Hayes now yells at random times "go jazz", it's so funny!

Boston and Cory spent most of the Day playing "Guitar Hero 3", if you haven't played it before, WATCH OUT...It is very Addicting, and soooooo Much fun!
Cory said his fingers are hurting.(now that is bad, haha)
The music is seriously so awesome, and Boston can totally JAM, it's so fun to watch him, it is bringing out the Rocker in him!
Have a great Sunday!
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