Monday, November 05, 2007

HaPpY BiRtHdAy JaNeR!!!!!

~One of my Favorite memories of you is when you were 7 mo. pregnant with Brigham and we were Boogie Boarding(Hard Core) in Kauai and we couldn't get out of the Under current! Each time we would try to catch our breath, another wave would come crashing down on us, while we were laughing our heads off! We somehow got out, but couldn't breathe, because of Laughing, or trying to survive, i don't remember. (maybe that is why Brigham is so crazy hehe) But i love to think back at that time and It always makes me Smile.
The other memory i love is when i came home from the Hospital after i had the babies and had a meltdown, and somehow you were right there at my door, ready to take care of me. You have such a SWEET and Loving Heart, & I will always remember that!
I LOVE how fun of a Mom, Sister and Friend you are! I don't know anyone else who would Race me down the Hotel Hallway at midnight!!!
I love how you always came and supported/took Picures of any event that i would do!
I miss your delicious cooking!
Hope you have a GREAT Birthday & have so much Fun in MEXICO!!!!


B. Cory said...

Happy Birthday Jane!

jt said...

you are so sweet shashi thanks for reminding me of those fun times. A nice way to start my day love, jane

Jenn Granum said...

Oh, we miss Jane! Happy Birthday, Girl! That is hilarious about the boogie boarding. I'm surprised Brigham wasn't delivered in Kauai!

Witney said...

Happy Birthday Janer!! That is so funny about the almost dying in a current and you guys just laughing your heads off! I love it. So like you guys. love you!

Heather said...

I miss you too! I'm going to have to recount the sleeps. Happy Birthday!

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