Thursday, November 30, 2006


Time sure does fly by around the Holidays! I am still trying to get the Christmas Tree up! I have missed alot of Happy Birthday Blogs, SOrry But Happy Birthday to you all! I have a Crazy December, with Hayes and Olivia's Birthday, Cory's B-day, Christmas Parties everywhere,3 Calendars, Christmas Cards etc..... So I am a little Slow on the Blogging this month!
Boston, Hayes and Olivia are in the Nordstrom Fashion Show on Saturday Morning at 9:30! Come and See them strut down the Red Carpet! It should be so cute.

It is soooooo Cold here with Lots of Snow on the Ground and in the 30's! We are having a low tonight of 2 degrees. NO JOKE! BURRRRR I am soo cold just thinking about it.
I am on Day 4 of my Ultimate Fasting Cleanse..... I am Cleansing The BODY! I feel Great but am SO Hungry! I have not seen the Benefits yet though... It Builds up your Immune system and lots more! I am aloud to have as much Juice all day long as I want, Oh and Water.

Monday, November 27, 2006



Here we are with Hailey, Cade, Boston, Jaxon & Mitchell in Magic Kingdom on Thanksgiving day!

All the Cousins who came on the trip , Except Hayes and Brody
The Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom

MGM STUDIOS when they had their Christmas lights on and they had Hot chocolate and Cookies and Christmas Music! This picture still does not show How Totally Awesome the light show was!
Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom! This is a picture of all of us who just got off the Ride! It is Awesome
Downtown Disney had this Huge Lego store, everything was made out of legos, Even these little Puppies!
Magic Kindom!
Epcot! They had this Turtle talk with Crush show that was so dang cute! Test Track, Mission to Mars, & California Soarin
My Kids loved Pooh Bear!
Dino land in Animal Kingdom
Daddy's Little Girl! After the Pooh Bear Ride
Lots of Cousins in Magic Kingdom!

Friday, November 24, 2006


OH MY! Talk about Crowds! It was hilarious when we were coming out of Animal Kingdom today, this Worker said to a Guy and his family "How was your day here at Animal Kingdom" His remarks made Cory Laugh his head off, He said "Probably the worst day of my entire life without someone beating the Tar out of me" So that in a Nutshell was how it was.... Crowded. But they had the Cutest NEMO musical that we watched and then the Cousins all came back to the Hotel to Swim. It was a Beautiful day too.

Our Thanksgiving was at Magic Kingdom, It was so Great to eat with All the Characters The kids were in Heaven, With Pooh, Piglet, Eyore, and Tigger coming around and Visiting them at their tables. We had a Party of "27" It was a never ending Party they said! The Food was pretty good, But not like a normal Thanksgiving dinner! We Probably won't be doing this again for a very Long time!!!!
Candy PLEASE Save us some Turkey, We just want Normal food sooooo Bad! We are going to Downtown Disney tonight for some Dinner and They have this HUGE Lego Store where everything is Built out of Legos. Boston is saving his money for that store~ Can you believe he still has Money left! He's a little Saver....
MGM Studios Has The "Belle" Show and after that it is TOWER OF TERROR! Then the Lights come on in MGM Studios for a Christmas Party, Which is Definatley Worth Seeing! We have one more day to the Parks, and we fly home tomorrow night! See ya soon.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are home from the Disney Cruise, but still here in Florida at Disneyworld!
It was a blast! The Cruise is so fun... DisneyWorld is so Fun! The weather is in the 70's during the day and cold here at night. Last night it got so cold, that here in Orlando they had Snow Flurry's!! I know, What kind of Weather is that? We have only Shorts and Swimsuit attire! AGHHHH!
It doesn't stop us from having a good time though... Of course we are still going to Swim in the Heated Pool!

Ok So where to begin.... The Cruise...SO MAGICAL,Delicious food, Amazing Waiters, Spectacular Broadway Shows, Beautiful Pictures, Oceaneer's clubs for kids, Food, Ice Cream, 3 Pools, Movie Theatres, BINGO, The Atlantis Resort, Sports Deck, & did I mention FOOD, Disney Characters, Cap n' Jack Sparrow, The Flying Dutchman (The ship, yes, we saw it!) Princesses, Ariel, and So much more! It's so much fun, and we missed the last day in Castaway Cay, Disney's Private Island, Due to the Weather and High Winds, That is the Night that it started to get Cold and Now Here too! So that was a Bummer, But it was still so much fun!

Olivia has been the most interesting to watch when it comes to Characters..... She Hugs them and Loves them and starts to freak out when we have to leave them! The cutest is when she saw Ariel! She LOVES her! Hayes kind of freaks out. But they both love Mickey and Minnie!
Boston is way to cool to get Autographs anymore! He is sooooo much fun... He can go on everything and Has! What a fun kid we have raised, he loves the RIDES! (And we Run to them too!) Our Favorite is "Tower of Terror!" We went on it 2 times in a Row. It is so different than the one in California, Another cool ride we love is in Animal Kingdom is "Expedition Everest" A roller coaster that takes you up to MT. Everest and then it goes Backwards! Boston also has really loved "Splash Mountain!"

Cory is DONE with the Parks. He thinks me and My Family are NAZI Disney Freaks! It is driving him crazy how many parks their are here!
Magic Kingdom had their Christmas Party before we left on the Cruise, It was Open from 7pm to Midnight and They had an amazing Christmas Parade! They handed out Hot Cocoa,and Cookies and Made it Snow on Main Street! It was so Cool! They only do this Parade one more time and that is it for the Holidays. We got lucky to get those tickets!
Oh and We saw Tinkerbell fly from the Magic Kingdom that same night!~

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone......
Here are a few Things I am Thankful for:

The Gospel,Our Families, My Testimony
An Amazing Prophet, whom I love so much
A Beautiful Family
My Hottie Husband, who is My Very Best Friend
This Country and for all of the People who are serving our Country
Friends, who are their for you whenever you need someone
Miracle Babies
The Power of Prayer & Priesthood Blessings
UTAH~The Beautiful Surroundings where we live
A Healthy Body
Being a Mother to the Greatest Children ever!

Have a Great Holiday Today....We will be home on Saturday night!
I will post Pictures soon.......

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Yahoo.... We don't need the Beanie's for a while!!
I just thought this was so cute of Olivia!
I am going to try to BLog while We are on our Trip, I guess it just depends on How much Time I will have, and Energy!
So We will Try.....

Good Bye!
Tonight for Boston's Scouts, They all went to the Fire Station! They got to see the Whole Tour and Climb into the Trucks. He asked alot of Great Questions, and then got to see the Boys in Action, when they got a Call right at the end of our Visit!
They thought that was so cool!

We are Close to leaving... Just some last minute packing tonight for Cory and I.
Tomorrow Boston has a "Thanksgiving Day" Play that he is in. He is a Pilgrim and has all of his Parts Memorized! (another thing I had to do)Then We will check him out and off to the Airport we go! YIPEE... actually that will NOT be the Fun Part to our Vacation.... With "2" Babies on a Plane for 4 1/2 hours!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


We Got our Passports today!! Now my other Dilema is a Sick child with "Croup" , I took the kids to the Doctor today and Sure enough Hayes has it and it's only at night! He doesn't even act very sick so hopefully we caught it just in time.

Last night Boston Gave us the FHE lesson and he did so Good! He is such a Great Kid... He did it so Hayes and Olivia would understand too. He talked about certain Prophets and we had to guess who they were. Hayes and Olivia got to be his helper and Everything.
Then Cory and I went Bowling at Fat Cats with our Friends & Neighbors for a Birthday Party! It was Adults only so we had 3 lanes with 2-3 couples per lane, and Cory and I Bowled soooo Good! I couldn't believe how awesome We did!
No seriously , Cory Bowled Strike after Strike and I was Bowling Spares, It was sweet, Cause everyone was putting in $1 a Frame, So each frame whomever did the Best got the money! Ok So I did bowl 123 it's the best score I have ever had Bowling!

Today was Quite Progressive for me.... I bought our Christmas Jammies and Even got Boston his Cute outfit for the Dress up night On the Disney Cruise... They are going to all look so cute!
I even got some Christmas Shopping done!
Dinner tonight was Homeade Potato Cheese Soup in Bread Bowls & Yummy Pumpkin Chocolate chip Muffins.....Mmmm
I made enough to feed the Granums, Cause Sweet little Prego Jenn is sick with 2 Sinus Infections, Broncitis and Pneumonia.
Yes, She is Hating it! Get Well Jenn!

I better quit Mumbling, and start cleaning and Packing..... I know, I really am still packing!

Saturday, November 11, 2006


We are getting so excited to go on our cruise... Olivia is saying "ariel", "Mickey Mouse" and now "Tinkerbell", We are just Dying laughing, These babies will love it!
We are now on the countdown....
Today I have done all the Laundry and tomorrow after church, I am going to get us all packed!
I have alot of stuff to remember, Stroller, Sunscreen, Charger for Video camera, and Camera,
Passports, & Do I need Car Seats? I hope not......
We are staying at DisneyWorld for 2 days before the Cruise then after the Cruise we will Have Thanksgiving in Magic Kingdom and stay there until Saturday night! This vacation is with my side of the Family, So we will be with lots of cousins.

I just found out today that 3 yrs and older can do the Dolphin Excursion, where you can swim with the Dolphins and interact with them... Boston is so excited for that day, In Nassau!

I haven't received our Passports yet! AGGGGHHHH.... Lets hope we get them in a couple of days, We leave on Thursday, right after Boston's Presentation of "The story of the First Thanksgiving"

We also went this morning and saw the "Santa Clause 3" It is sooo Cute!

Friday, November 10, 2006


Happy Birthday Brynn! You are one Funny Kid! We love you

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Boxing Babies!

I came home tonight from Scouts with Boston, to Cory Boxing with the Babies! It was so funny to see Hayes hit his Gloves together!
I am working on the Family Calendars and Video Editing this month! Hopefully the Calendars will be done before we go on the Disney Cruise. Next Thursday we leave, YEA!!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Today Boston had Cooking class after school (it's a 4H Program)! Then I voted right there at Hillcrest Elementary.

Boston is a little Book Worm, he has all these new Chapter books, and he just dives right into them. He is reading the book "Flushing away" right now, The movie is coming out soon, so he is pretty Pumped about it!

My Niece Witney is going to be on "Good things Utah" tomorrow at 10:00am, for all you Utah Bloggers, Channel 4! She is dancing for Center Stage, I guess. Sounds so exciting Wit!

I made, Yet another Delicious Dinner tonight!
It was Candy's London Broil, Asparagus, and Potatoes with Ranch. Mmmmm... I have to say it was soooo dang good!
All you do is Marinate the London Broil in
3/4 C. Cooking Oil
1/2 C. Soy Sauce
2 tsp. Vinegar
2 tsp. honey
1 onion Chopped fine
a little garlic and garlic salt
Mix together and Pour over London Broil, (Poke some holes in the meat)
GRILL and Serve, (Marinate overnight)

Oh Yah this Recipe is for Kelly Granum and whoever else wants it!
Take your Meat and dip in flour and lightly brown.
Use the Same Deep dish Pan and add lipton onion soup mix
Beef Granules (shake evenly over meat)
2 cans of Vegetable Juice
1 Can of Tomato juice
Cook @ 290 for 4-5 hours
and then use the red sauce as your Gravy!

I am off to the Hot Tub! Good Night.

Monday, November 06, 2006


Cory is getting his Pilots license.....Deep Breath Candy! He is so excited ! He already went up last week for the First time, and he got to Fly himself for a bit!

We have all kids in Bed by 8:30pm! Yeah... It seems late so fast!
Today was early out so we went to Costco, and our Dentist, for a Sweet Swap! You give him your left over candy and you get a Shirt (that says Trick,Treat,Trade), and your name put in a Drawing for $100 Gift Card to TOYS R US! Hayes and Olivia turned in their candy too!!
Boston also got 2 Borders Gift Cards from the Dentist for Referring two friends! So that was AWESOME.

Oh I made a fabulous dinner tonight. Swiss Steak, Mashed Potatoes, and Corn with Rolls, and for our FHE Treat, SMORE'S!!

Now I am going to Bed Early, Maybe I can read one of my 3 books I have going(lol) .......I will probably end up watching a Show!
O'well.... Good Night!

P.S Don't forget to VOTE Tomorrow.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Happy Birthday to my Sis-in-Law Jane!
Who is an AMAZING Cook...(She should have her own Cooking show), Mothers "6" Children and looks like she has had none, Always has the Cutest shoes on, Quilts, Sews, Has the most Gorgeous Smile, Finds the Best deals Possible, Runs her own Business, Has a Garage that looks like Target, Is a TRUE Friend, Loves to have FUN, Raises an amazing family, Loves to make everyone Happy, Has the Best Heart,Body surfs in the Ocean at 8 mo. Pregnant, Has a Beautiful Voice, Kicks Butt on Nurtz, Has the Prettiest Hands ever, Loves to Shop til you Drop, Plays Tennis,& Loves DISNEYLAND!

Have a Fabulous Birthday Janie!

FUN-Filled Saturday!

Sarah on the Scooter! P.S. Darla, she wants one for Christmas! haha

Chase, Cade & Boston just doing what Boys do.

Jaxson on Boston's Mororcycle, he rode that thing all day!!

We had one fun day today.We had a Cousins playing... Motorcycle riding, Tree climbing, Scooter Riding, Go kart Cruising, Football Catching, Jump Rope Championship, Movie Watching, DAY! Then ate dinner at The Happy Sumo!
It was Great to just hang out at Home!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I just have to write this down, it's so funny.
Boston was with a friend tonight, just doing arts & Crafts in the kitchen, and we were watching "The Santa Clause" on the Disney channel and they were talking about the North Pole and Elves, and what it would be like to be an ELF. When Myla asked " I wonder what it feels like to have ears like the elfs" and "Why do their ears look like that" Boston said "you know why don't you?" "Because they don't eat their Vegetables!" (With a total serious face!) I was cracking up, i had to go in the other room so he wouldn't hear.

I Love these Sweet Little "Believers!"

More Halloween Pic's!

Olivia Trying to eat Boston's Candy!

All the kids in the back of Jenn's Yamaha Dune Buggy! Shae & Charlee, Boston, Chase, Caden, Myla & Kiana!

We were all Themed this year to "STAR WARS"

SORRY.... I know I take tooooo many Pictures! I can't help it!
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