Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Today Boston had Cooking class after school (it's a 4H Program)! Then I voted right there at Hillcrest Elementary.

Boston is a little Book Worm, he has all these new Chapter books, and he just dives right into them. He is reading the book "Flushing away" right now, The movie is coming out soon, so he is pretty Pumped about it!

My Niece Witney is going to be on "Good things Utah" tomorrow at 10:00am, for all you Utah Bloggers, Channel 4! She is dancing for Center Stage, I guess. Sounds so exciting Wit!

I made, Yet another Delicious Dinner tonight!
It was Candy's London Broil, Asparagus, and Potatoes with Ranch. Mmmmm... I have to say it was soooo dang good!
All you do is Marinate the London Broil in
3/4 C. Cooking Oil
1/2 C. Soy Sauce
2 tsp. Vinegar
2 tsp. honey
1 onion Chopped fine
a little garlic and garlic salt
Mix together and Pour over London Broil, (Poke some holes in the meat)
GRILL and Serve, (Marinate overnight)

Oh Yah this Recipe is for Kelly Granum and whoever else wants it!
Take your Meat and dip in flour and lightly brown.
Use the Same Deep dish Pan and add lipton onion soup mix
Beef Granules (shake evenly over meat)
2 cans of Vegetable Juice
1 Can of Tomato juice
Cook @ 290 for 4-5 hours
and then use the red sauce as your Gravy!

I am off to the Hot Tub! Good Night.


Garrett said...

you had asparagus for dinner? man, i'm glad my mom doesn't do that to me. i feel bad for boston =P

Darren Johnson said...

Shannon you need to quit talking about food on your blog, everytime I read I feel the need to eat. Im getting fat.

Granum Family said...

Those both sound soooo tasty! Thanks so much!!!!

Heather said...

while you cooked, we were car shopping. I'd rather cook, but we don't have to go again because Shea bought us a new car! Yea!!!

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