Saturday, November 04, 2006


Happy Birthday to my Sis-in-Law Jane!
Who is an AMAZING Cook...(She should have her own Cooking show), Mothers "6" Children and looks like she has had none, Always has the Cutest shoes on, Quilts, Sews, Has the most Gorgeous Smile, Finds the Best deals Possible, Runs her own Business, Has a Garage that looks like Target, Is a TRUE Friend, Loves to have FUN, Raises an amazing family, Loves to make everyone Happy, Has the Best Heart,Body surfs in the Ocean at 8 mo. Pregnant, Has a Beautiful Voice, Kicks Butt on Nurtz, Has the Prettiest Hands ever, Loves to Shop til you Drop, Plays Tennis,& Loves DISNEYLAND!

Have a Fabulous Birthday Janie!


JT said...

Wow Shashi, that was a nice birthday present! you are too nice. thank you much!

Heather said...

I love you, Jane! Happy Birthday.

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