Friday, November 24, 2006


OH MY! Talk about Crowds! It was hilarious when we were coming out of Animal Kingdom today, this Worker said to a Guy and his family "How was your day here at Animal Kingdom" His remarks made Cory Laugh his head off, He said "Probably the worst day of my entire life without someone beating the Tar out of me" So that in a Nutshell was how it was.... Crowded. But they had the Cutest NEMO musical that we watched and then the Cousins all came back to the Hotel to Swim. It was a Beautiful day too.

Our Thanksgiving was at Magic Kingdom, It was so Great to eat with All the Characters The kids were in Heaven, With Pooh, Piglet, Eyore, and Tigger coming around and Visiting them at their tables. We had a Party of "27" It was a never ending Party they said! The Food was pretty good, But not like a normal Thanksgiving dinner! We Probably won't be doing this again for a very Long time!!!!
Candy PLEASE Save us some Turkey, We just want Normal food sooooo Bad! We are going to Downtown Disney tonight for some Dinner and They have this HUGE Lego Store where everything is Built out of Legos. Boston is saving his money for that store~ Can you believe he still has Money left! He's a little Saver....
MGM Studios Has The "Belle" Show and after that it is TOWER OF TERROR! Then the Lights come on in MGM Studios for a Christmas Party, Which is Definatley Worth Seeing! We have one more day to the Parks, and we fly home tomorrow night! See ya soon.

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Heather said...

I bet you guys are TIRED! Chasing two babies around parks and keeping everyone fed, happy, entertained, not lost, etc. sounds exhausting! We'll be happy to see you guys!

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