Thursday, November 30, 2006


Time sure does fly by around the Holidays! I am still trying to get the Christmas Tree up! I have missed alot of Happy Birthday Blogs, SOrry But Happy Birthday to you all! I have a Crazy December, with Hayes and Olivia's Birthday, Cory's B-day, Christmas Parties everywhere,3 Calendars, Christmas Cards etc..... So I am a little Slow on the Blogging this month!
Boston, Hayes and Olivia are in the Nordstrom Fashion Show on Saturday Morning at 9:30! Come and See them strut down the Red Carpet! It should be so cute.

It is soooooo Cold here with Lots of Snow on the Ground and in the 30's! We are having a low tonight of 2 degrees. NO JOKE! BURRRRR I am soo cold just thinking about it.
I am on Day 4 of my Ultimate Fasting Cleanse..... I am Cleansing The BODY! I feel Great but am SO Hungry! I have not seen the Benefits yet though... It Builds up your Immune system and lots more! I am aloud to have as much Juice all day long as I want, Oh and Water.


Candace said...

that probably doesn't work if you have hypoglysemia huh? Let me know how it works anyway- see ya tomorrow!

Heather said...

Yum. Juice and water. Sounds filling. We're going to have a fun month! I'm still working on a tree too.

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