Saturday, November 04, 2006

FUN-Filled Saturday!

Sarah on the Scooter! P.S. Darla, she wants one for Christmas! haha

Chase, Cade & Boston just doing what Boys do.

Jaxson on Boston's Mororcycle, he rode that thing all day!!

We had one fun day today.We had a Cousins playing... Motorcycle riding, Tree climbing, Scooter Riding, Go kart Cruising, Football Catching, Jump Rope Championship, Movie Watching, DAY! Then ate dinner at The Happy Sumo!
It was Great to just hang out at Home!


Kari said...

We just hung around today also. It was so nice. Your house looks far more fun than ours though!!!

The Davila Family said...

Thanks Shannon, yeah she told me she wants one. Yeah the girls are looking forward to coming over hanging out, hair cutting and color time. Just let us know. Love ya.

L Johnson said...

Shannon you are the Bomb!!! I bet the cousins had a blast!

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