Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are home from the Disney Cruise, but still here in Florida at Disneyworld!
It was a blast! The Cruise is so fun... DisneyWorld is so Fun! The weather is in the 70's during the day and cold here at night. Last night it got so cold, that here in Orlando they had Snow Flurry's!! I know, What kind of Weather is that? We have only Shorts and Swimsuit attire! AGHHHH!
It doesn't stop us from having a good time though... Of course we are still going to Swim in the Heated Pool!

Ok So where to begin.... The Cruise...SO MAGICAL,Delicious food, Amazing Waiters, Spectacular Broadway Shows, Beautiful Pictures, Oceaneer's clubs for kids, Food, Ice Cream, 3 Pools, Movie Theatres, BINGO, The Atlantis Resort, Sports Deck, & did I mention FOOD, Disney Characters, Cap n' Jack Sparrow, The Flying Dutchman (The ship, yes, we saw it!) Princesses, Ariel, and So much more! It's so much fun, and we missed the last day in Castaway Cay, Disney's Private Island, Due to the Weather and High Winds, That is the Night that it started to get Cold and Now Here too! So that was a Bummer, But it was still so much fun!

Olivia has been the most interesting to watch when it comes to Characters..... She Hugs them and Loves them and starts to freak out when we have to leave them! The cutest is when she saw Ariel! She LOVES her! Hayes kind of freaks out. But they both love Mickey and Minnie!
Boston is way to cool to get Autographs anymore! He is sooooo much fun... He can go on everything and Has! What a fun kid we have raised, he loves the RIDES! (And we Run to them too!) Our Favorite is "Tower of Terror!" We went on it 2 times in a Row. It is so different than the one in California, Another cool ride we love is in Animal Kingdom is "Expedition Everest" A roller coaster that takes you up to MT. Everest and then it goes Backwards! Boston also has really loved "Splash Mountain!"

Cory is DONE with the Parks. He thinks me and My Family are NAZI Disney Freaks! It is driving him crazy how many parks their are here!
Magic Kingdom had their Christmas Party before we left on the Cruise, It was Open from 7pm to Midnight and They had an amazing Christmas Parade! They handed out Hot Cocoa,and Cookies and Made it Snow on Main Street! It was so Cool! They only do this Parade one more time and that is it for the Holidays. We got lucky to get those tickets!
Oh and We saw Tinkerbell fly from the Magic Kingdom that same night!~

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone......
Here are a few Things I am Thankful for:

The Gospel,Our Families, My Testimony
An Amazing Prophet, whom I love so much
A Beautiful Family
My Hottie Husband, who is My Very Best Friend
This Country and for all of the People who are serving our Country
Friends, who are their for you whenever you need someone
Miracle Babies
The Power of Prayer & Priesthood Blessings
UTAH~The Beautiful Surroundings where we live
A Healthy Body
Being a Mother to the Greatest Children ever!

Have a Great Holiday Today....We will be home on Saturday night!
I will post Pictures soon.......


Heather said...

happy thanksgiving! We're glad you had fun. CA weather has been nice... no snow in the OC. See you soon!

Kari said...

I am so jealous. Your trip sounds so fun.

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