Tuesday, September 23, 2008

1 week old...

There is something about a new baby that brings so much LOVE and Happiness into a Home. I can see how the Baby of the family is always so spoiled. We can't stop kissing her and holding her all the time. I am so suprised how cute Hayes & Olivia are with her too, I thought they would be so jealous of her but They just LOVE her and always want to kiss her. Boston is so cute, the minute he gets home from School he puts Hand Sanitizer on and says
"Where's my sister!"

We just Adore her!

Going through infertility issues, i always wondered if we would ever be able to have a lot of kids. Looking back, it's all i would think about.
Now i can't stop Smiling, I just thank my Heavenly Father for my Beautiful little Family. I am sure he was teaching me all about Patience, i couldn't have asked for a more perfect addition to our family.

Being a Mother is SO Rewarding!

"The Olympians!"

Boston's Soccer team this year is AMAZING!  He played center forward and scored a ton, or assisted in many goals.  This is his second year playing on the big field and he rocks! We have loved watching him play this season, he has really stepped it up!  His team is all his friends so that makes it a Whole lot of fun!

Right before the Picture, one of the kids said "I'm going to make my hair look like Boston's" haha
Then all the other kids said the same, so right before the picture, they all tried to have 
Sweaty Fowhawks! haha
"Hurray" for a Fabulous Soccer season, we had our last game tonight!

{Back Row} Isaac, Ethan, Riley, Coach Gaisford, John, Blake, Ben
{Front Row} Chris, Ben, Talmage, Boston, Jasper, Zach
"Go Boston"

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Our Sweet little girl "Ivy Grace Taylor"

Oh she is just too cute and we are all loving her so much! She has Brought us so much Joy in our family and is such a good baby.

This has been such a wonderful experience, it was a scheduled C- Section at 5 am. We were all prepped by 5:15 and we had her at 7:26 am. It went so smooth, We had the best Doctor, Fabulous nurses and LOVED the Hospital!
She is just perfect. We aren't quite used to having a normal delivery, so this was a Great Experience for us. She weighed 7 lbs. 8 oz & She is Healthy and Beautiful and we couldn't be any Happier! We all just can't stop kissing her...

We had lots of Visitors and it was so fun to see all the little kids so excited to see their new little cousin/Friend...

Ivy's "Great Grandmother"
Ivy's Grandma's

Some cute little sayings that i do not want to forget;

Olivia~ "Mommy who's that in your tummy now" {not so funny, haha}
Hayes~ "Mommy you got owies?" "Mom Catch me" {while hiding behind a chair}
Olivia~ "Was she with Jesus in your Tummy"
Olivia~"Where's Parker"

Boston~{talking to Ivy} "We are going to have a special bond"
Mom~ "How come?"
Boston~ "because we are the only single ones in our family"
Boston~ "i wish she was mine"

Friday, September 12, 2008

Father & Sons Campout

Cory & Boston went on the Father/Son Campout last night with our Ward up in Heber, at the Heber Valley Campground. They stayed in Cabins and had a Fireside at night with Johnny Miller and his Son Todd Miller.{Professional Golfer}
Cory said they were awesome and did a wonderful job speaking to the kids about having Power in the Priesthood. Boston got a BYU hat from him for answering a question and thought that was pretty awesome!

They woke up had Breakfast and Headed home to go Rock climbing with some friends up by South mountain, called Red Rock. Boston did awesome and they climbed 5-6's and 5-7's!

Boston and Daddy heading up to Heber

Boston climbing up 40 ft.

Cory was the Lead climber

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oh These "Two" make me laugh...

This little Diva is always listening to music on her Ipod, or watching a TV show on it. She knows how to use it all by herself, we are just dying how funny it is.
We laugh, because her favorite songs are "Disturbia", "Lolli lolli" and "Piece of Me!"
She is 3 years old!!

One of our nightly routines with our Daddy is doing "Pull Ups" off of the Archway to the Family Room. Hayes is Awesome at holding himself up and laughs his head off the whole time!
{cory is always right there to catch him}
He is really into Spiderman and wanted to do it with his Big Muscles, he is always in Total Character when he is playing. I just love watching him Play!


I have had the Hardest time Sleeping lately and don't go to bed until 2:00 or so! I am so TIRED, but so uncomfortable so i can't sleep!!
So i have been Digital Scrapbooking like crazy! I just finished the year 2007 and two Hawaii books, and now working on the Disneyland Scrapbook. I have been using "Heritage makers" since my points expire at the end of the Month. The Books look so cute, i can't wait to see how they turn out.

On another note, Boston's Halloweeen Costume came today (the JOKER) and now he decided he really, really, really wants to be "Richard Simmons" hahaha
Does anyone know if i can just buy the Costume for a Child? and Where? I don't want to have to go out and put an Ensemble together if i don't have to.
I told him, most kids will not know who he is, but he doesn't seem to care! I actually think it will be hilarious!!

He may end up being the Joker Regardless...

Happy Birthday Lacey

We are SO Incredibly spoiled by this Girl!! She is our Cousin/Nanny and a huge part of our families life. She has been tending my kids for the last 3 years and we just LOVE her to pieces!
She is such an amazing person, has an amazing gift with Children and is so much fun!
Seriously everybody needs a Lacey!

Happy Birthday Lacey...

Lacey & Hayes in Hawaii last December

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom...

Today is my mom's Birthday!  This woman is probably the most Patient, Loving, Sweetest and Angelic person ever!   She has never raised her voice to any of us kids and has been such a great example of a Mother.   She is seriously such a soft spoken and sweet person
 (which we are SO NOT), and a TOTAL Rule abider (We promise she is our mom)  How did we all get so lucky!

She is Famous for her Cleaning skills and BINGO!  I remember telling Boston when he was 4 that Grandma was coming to visit and he said " Is that the Bingo Grandma" haha

She comes out here on Sunday from California to spend the week with my family while the New little arrival comes.  I am so excited!

Love you mom, hope you have a wonderful Day!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Biking to School...

This morning Jenn, Jane and I biked with our kids to School.  They loved it!   We rode mostly on the Provo River trail, which actually takes you all the way up to their school
 {Thanks Jenn for discovering the Trail}.  
It was Probably about 3 miles up and 3 miles back.  I decided i better ride it on my Road bike so i can go fast and not have to peddle so hard.  It was AWESOME!   It was a beautiful morning and it was so fun to be outside riding a bike with our friends.   All the kids loved pulling up on their bikes and parking them.  No one really rides to school, so this was pretty cool for them.

Probably the last time for me too, since i have "1 WEEK" Left before my baby comes.

All the Momma's riding home ...


Jenn got her Ball Machine out and let the kids go crazy hitting Tennis balls...
Well after a while, i think she and i booted the kids off the Court and had some fun for ourselves!

We still Got it!  

Tennis is one of my Favorites and i actually have gotten so much better before i got Pregnant.  
My neighbor Melanie and I were taking lessons from a Pro last Fall and i was so excited to play against Jenn (who Rocks) so she could see my MAD SKILLS!!

Well i had to show her at 9 mo. Pregnant.
Maybe next summer ...

Boston is actually pretty good at returning the ball, he had some lessons this summer, so it is so fun to be able to play with Our kids, and they can actually hit it over the net!

S U N D A N C E...

The other day Cory and i took the kids up to Sundance!  We rode the Chairlift up hiked around and Found lots of Grasshoppers and Crickets.  Boston and Olivia were totally into  catching them and collecting as many as they could get... EWWW
Olivia was totally squeezing them and catching them by herself, It was so awesome to see this totally Girly Girl get so into Bugs. {of course cory accidentally broke off a leg so she could catch them better. haha}

We had a picnic at the Base of the Mountain and let the kids just run around! The weather was so warm, and it was such a perfect afternoon.  I LOVE Utah, there is so much stuff to do and Enjoy outdoors!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Cade's Baptism & Candace's Shower...

We had a VERY Productive Saturday. It started out with a 9:30 Soccer game for Boston, which he scored 5 out of the 11 points! He had his game on today. Then we went to my nephew Cade's Baptism, had a luncheon afterwards and then i helped host a "Baby Shower for my SIL Candace.
While I was at the Baby shower, Cory decided to Clean out the Garage and Power wash it down. So i came home to a Beautiful Sight! Nothing like a Clean/Organized garage to make you Smile.
Thank you Honey!!

Here are some Pictures of Cade's Special Day...

Everyone at the Baptism

Cade was able to be baptized with his Best friend Tyson Tautoo.

They had the Coolest cake for Cade, made to look like Scriptures... It was so good too!
After the Baptism/Luncheon, I headed over to Jan Shelton's for Candace's Baby shower.
I told Olivia we were going to go have a party for her new baby cousin Abigail or Isabella (she's not sure on the name yet) and Olivia said, "Oh mom, i am going to call her Bella" It was so cute. So Candace, she has her name picked out already! haha

Candace opening her gifts...

This is the Super cute Quilt that i made for the new little Bundle of Joy.
{I had a hard time Parting with this blanket}.
The cute Candy Bar we had for guests to fill up with some Sweets before leaving the party.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

MY "Baby Shower"...

I think it is pretty safe to say that i have the Cutest Friends in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD, who gave me Pretty much the Cutest Baby Shower ever! It was Beautiful, a beautiful day, wonderful food, wonderful friends and family, and the BEST Presents EVER!!

I am so spoiled, Thank you Jenn & Jane for giving me a Shower. I felt dumb, well because this is my 4th Baby! but they were so excited and insisted that we were doing it. So thank you to all who came, i Really Loved it!

They had it Catered from "Classy Cuisine" and it was so delicious. The Favors they passed out were so darling, they were M&M's with the saying "it's a girl" and "Ivy", a darling CD with Baby music on it, and Daisy Flowers for each guest. It was So Amazing. Those two together can really throw a party!


all of the Presents...

The Luncheon table of pulled Pork and Pulled turkey sandwiches...

These are my favorite Sugar cookies from "Classy Cuisine" they had them decorated like Rattles, bottles, and Buggies... So cute!

The darling favors that Said my baby's name "Ivy" and "It's a girl"
Group Photo...

The darling Daisies that they passed out as favors...

Guess who was all a part of the Party?... Oh yes, daddy was a little late getting them so they helped me out with Presents.

Lacey with all the little kids, Of course! She is the Best

Nana & me
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