Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"The Olympians!"

Boston's Soccer team this year is AMAZING!  He played center forward and scored a ton, or assisted in many goals.  This is his second year playing on the big field and he rocks! We have loved watching him play this season, he has really stepped it up!  His team is all his friends so that makes it a Whole lot of fun!

Right before the Picture, one of the kids said "I'm going to make my hair look like Boston's" haha
Then all the other kids said the same, so right before the picture, they all tried to have 
Sweaty Fowhawks! haha
"Hurray" for a Fabulous Soccer season, we had our last game tonight!

{Back Row} Isaac, Ethan, Riley, Coach Gaisford, John, Blake, Ben
{Front Row} Chris, Ben, Talmage, Boston, Jasper, Zach
"Go Boston"


Watson Ink. said...

So fun! My nieces and nephew do soccer, but they don't look as hard-core as Boston's team. Go Team! hehe.

Jenn Granum said...

Congrats on the awesome season, Boston! I do kinda miss soccer for the boys and definitely miss these boys. They are a fun group of kids!

Jane said...

way to go Bos! I love that our kids are all moving up in sports and the leagues they play in, that 2nd picture is a awesome shot of Boston!

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