Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Morning...

We have MOVED!!! A HUNDRED "Thank You's" to all of our Family and Friends who helped out with the 3-4 day Ordeal!  It is hard being Pregnant and Moving!  I have everything put up and now we can function like normal!  My kids are loving it, we have so many boys right next store and we are in our same neighborhood, so they are loving it...Occasionally Hayes will tell me he wants to go home and push us out the door.  We just have to keep reminding him we ARE home! hehe

We had a wonderful Easter! The kids woke up Easter Morning  in the new house, to their Baskets!  We went to Church and then after church we headed over to Nana and Papa's for a  yummy Easter Dinner!   The kids went on their Easter Egg hunt and loved it! 
Candace hid Boston's eggs really good! (he couldn't find them all)
Hayes loved to find his Dora & Diego eggs and that is all he needed!!   It was a great Day!!


Part 2~ Excuse Jenn's Computer, it has posting issues! ( i am posting from her home, since my Internet isn't up until Friday) UGhhhh!   

 Here's some more pictures from the Afternoon at Nana & Papa's house! It was such beautiful weather and we got alot accomplished!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thanks Becky...

My sweet friend Becky wanted to take some pictures of my little ones for her Photography business, she needed to have some Twins who were toddlers!{you can use mine anytime} They turned out adorable...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Boston's Indoor soccer team "The Red Lizards" had their First game tonight. They played 2 games and won BOTH 7-6 & 10-3! Boston was ON FIRE, He Scored 2 goals in the first game and then 3 in the other. He also played Goalie and Did Awesome! While playing Goalie he kicked the Ball and scored a goal. haha {it didn't count though} All of these kids are so cute, Played Great and had an absolute Blast! Thanks Jane for putting the Co Ed team together,
& Pro Look Sports for our Killer Uniforms!

Boston is now playing Indoor once a week and Outdoor begins 2 times a week in a couple more weeks! We will be pretty busy... "The Red Lizards" {Us Mommas are the the Red Iguanas}
{Left to Right} Lizzie Duckworth, Stephanie, Myla Rhodes,
{Coach} Jane Rhodes, Ezra, Boston Taylor, Chase Granum, Blake Heintzelman, Brogan

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Congratulations WITTERS!!!!!

My SUPER Talented and Adorable Niece Witney, Tried out for
"High School Musical 3" and she MADE IT!!! She has a for sure part in the Musical as a Dancer, We don't know anything else. She got the Part right away and didn't even need a Call Back!

She also had a HUGE BYU Ballroom Competition on Friday and She and her company won 1st place in the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!! Way to go Witters!
~She is seriously an AMAZING Dancer!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day...

This morning i made "Green" Eggs, "Green" Pancakes and "Green" Milk for the kids and Boston was kind of Grossed out. haha {Stinker}
But they ate it, and some Gold coins!
Today is kind of an exciting day for our family, besides it being St patricks day.
This is Hayes and Olivia's Due date and the day they came home from the hospital. So for the last 3 years we have used this date for their Adjusted age. Now we can celebrate because they are all CAUGHT UP!! Yahoooo.....
It's still such a wonderful Day to remember!

After School today We went with Nana, and some Taylor cousins to see this....

It is such a cute Movie, we loved it!

Congrats Ben & Jacquie...

Here they are the NEWLYWEDS!!! I still can't believe my little nephew is old enough to get married!! When Ben was born i was 10 years old, so he is kind of like our little brother, he was always around and we took him everywhere we went. He still gives you HUGS and Kisses everytime your around him even if it's in front of his friends, he is just such a cutie and he married an absolutely darling girl! We love these kids...

Boston was the first one to give him a hug when they came out the doors...

Jacquie served her mission at the St. George Visitors center, so this temple really meant alot to her. It was absolutley beautiful and i can't believe how many people were there to support them.
Here are a few of the Johnson cousins...My kids are the babies.
Jackie and Witney
Ben and Me
Cory & Hayes {sleeping}

Some of the cute little cousins at the Reception...
Boston with all the older boys, being CRAZY... Ben, Cade, Boston & Jaxon
Boston & Mom

St. George...

Our family had a SUPER Fun weekend with cousins...ALL of the Johnson Cousins!! It was my Nephew Ben's Wedding. {The Oldest Grandson, and Cousin} So the kids were in heaven and played all day and Night, Swimming, {indoor & Outdoor} Throwing the Football, Movies, Wii, Gamecube, and all sorts of stuff that gets you usually kicked out of a Hotel.

There are 26 grandkids and then 27 with my baby on the way... Ben and Boston
Boston doing some sweet tricks in the Pool.
My Dad {grandpa} and Ben {the Oldest Grandchild}

Monday, March 10, 2008

Easter Eggs...

After Church we decided to bust out all of the easter egg coloring stuff and get it going!
Some of our cousins came over and since the weather was so beautiful here, they played
outside for EVER! Olivia was LOVING painting her easter eggs...She made a nice huge mess too!

Boston did some Sports ones that turned out really cool. We also had Glitter all over the eggs, they turned out so cute!


Cory was out of town this last weekend, so i packed all sorts of stuff in on Saturday for the kids and I. I took Boston & his friend Blake to the skate park to hang out for a while and when we got there we saw this... They were so mad! We had a nice little chat about Vandalism, and they were so Mad at "Teenagers"! They kept saying "Teenagers are so stupid" it was so funny.
So instead they went skateboarding in a parking lot. Then they had a Birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Right after the Birthday Party, Mindy and her family went to Tepanyaki for dinner with us. My kids love this place!

Boston, Livi, Mom, and Hayes

Mc Kenna & Shae

Mindy & Brody

Boston & Charlee
After Tepanyaki~Mindy took all the kids to "JUMP ON IT"...Lets just say
they had a super fun day!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Classic Skating...

~I am having some issues with Blogger, is anyone else having problems? Ugh...i am trying to post stuff from this weekend, so here is some stuff from Last week...
Last week we had our Ward Party at "Classic Skating"! The kids had a blast riding all around the rink on their scuttle bugs! Boston decided to rent some Rollerblades and Tore it up! Cory put Hayes and Olivia in Rollerskates and apparantly didn't love it so much.
Later I had a Soccer game and We tied another game!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Our "Beautiful" Home is Now....SOLD

I know, it's Crazy!! I am still kind of shocked that this really happened! We didn't even have it for SALE!! It was an offer we couldn't refuse. So now we move in 2 weeks, and we don't know Where we are going?!
We are just looking to rent right now until we decide to build again! We want to stay in This area for Boston's school and Our Ward and neighbors, so we will see what happens..
This is not the Best picture of our home, it is so much prettier when the grass is all green and the trees in Bloom in The summer! I am Sad, but kind of excited to Re build and do some things a little different...With Geoff and Cory i am sure it will be Great!
My Kitchen, which i will miss...
Entry Staircase...

Family Room...

This is the next Chapter of our lives, a New baby on the way and a new home, Are we crazy?!!
~Oh and i am selling 3 of my couches and a Trio Recliner Theater seating! Let me know if you are interested!

Update~ I just Sold the Couches, so all i have left is the Theater Chairs...
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