Monday, April 28, 2008

"Disney" Family Night!!

The Taylor kids and The Granum kids went on a killer Treasure hunt tonight and found this "WONDERFUL" Treasure...

Yep, we suprised the kids tonight with a trip to "DISNEYLAND"!!!! We leave Thursday Morning. They were so pumped to see at the end of the Treasure Hunt, everyone had their own Treasure box, filled with Gold coins, "Disney Dollars", "Indiana Jones" t Shirts and Disney Figurines!

{Boston, excited to see his "MONEY"}
{All of the Cute little Treasure Boxes that Jenn Made}

{ Boston's Favorite Character, Goofy}

After the Treasure hunt, we all went to Fuddruckers for dinner and everyone was a little Wild!!
Then we came back to our house and Finished off the night with "Disney's Scene It"! Our Daddy's were very involved...Well until
Disney's Scene it {we get a little too into it ;)}
Boys against Girls...... The boys Won!

Introducing ...

I ordered this Stroller, i saw it in Hawaii and Had to have it for my kids.
It is a double stroller, one sits in the back {or Stands} and one in the front. I thought it would be ideal for my twins, so i don't have to have a HUGE Stroller. Eventually i think they can both sit or stand in the back when i have the baby in the front, but we'll see. It comes in tomorrow!

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Happy Birthday to my "BFF" ;)! Jenn is truly an amazing friend and we have an absolute Blast when we are together! There is never a Dull moment with us. She is an amazing Mother and i learn from her example ALWAYS! It's funny how someone could have the same amount of energy as me, but she does and she totally keeps me active, even when i am sick and Pregnant, {or having my twins home as Babies, haha} she is keeeping me going!
Thanks for always being there for me, I love that we are Neighbors, and I love that we get to share so many fun memories with our families together! i Love you TONS!! Have a Wonderful Birthday!
We went to her Birthday Dinner last night with some friends to Tepanyaki and then to the Movie "21"! Good Food and Friends makes for a very fun night!
"LOVED" this Movie...

Thursday, April 24, 2008


My Friend jane started up a Neighborhood Bunco night & i was the Host for the First Game! It was SOOO Much Fun, i loved it! We had so much fun just laughing and eating. Since i was the Hostess tonight i had the "Hawaiian Theme" with Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Potato Salad, Macaroni salad, Fruit and Strawberry Daqueri's....MMmmmmm it was so good!
Oh yes and guess who was the winner of the Most Bunco's....ME!
We had super cool prizes to choose from!
Jane had on this Bunco necklace that was so cute, Scroll down to see how cute it was...
I had ordered this Fruit Boquet from Fruit Creations, and it turned out so Cute, and Good too.

Yes, they were Virgin Strawberry Daquri's!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


We arrived home this morning from Hawaii! We had 11 days of Beautiful weather, Wonderful Friends, and Fabulous Food! We Boogie boarded, Skim boarded, Surfed, Built Disneyland out of Sand (olivia & cadens Favorite), Rode Waterslides, Rope Swings, Water Elevator (the only one in the world, its so cool) Spa, Termes, (Shannon & Jenn's Favorite), Riding in Golf Carts, Night Skimboarding, Night Swimming , Kids Camp, Crab Hunting, Shopped & Shopped and just enjoyed watching the kids play all day!
~More Photos on my Smugmug Account...

Boston, Hayes & Olivia at our Pool in Ho' olei

All of the boys, and Little Princess running across the bridge at the Grand Wailea! She was the only girl amongst all the Craziness, and she LOVED it!
I would have to say one of my Highlights of the trip was watching Hayes run up and down after the waves on the beach, it was SO Funny! He is one funny little kid. Then of course Olivia would get brave enough and follow after him. It was so fun to watch Olivia & Hayes play with their little cousin Carson too, (we met our cousins the Curry's for a few days too) She would follow him around all day if you would let her.

Boston and Cory taking Surf Lessons, and they did awesome! Boston now thinks that surfing is his Favorite Sport. He got up the first time and every time since!
WOO HOO!! {Boston on the left and Cory on the right} Riding the wave at the same time!
This was Hayes & Liv's way of Boogie Boarding! Hee hee
Boston was either Skim Boarding or Boogie boarding {You couldn't get those
boys out of the water}
These two are so fun to watch play together, they are so imaginitive.

These boys were so much fun and they would let Hayes tackle them in the Shallow part of the water, it was so funny!
Oh and this little "Missy" may hang with the boys all day, but she is ALL Girlie Girl!!

The Results of a SWEET Vacation with Sunshine!! {Is that not the cutest little bum ever??!!}

Oh and I missed out on a Gazillion Birthdays...HAPPY BIRTHDAY To Kyle, Blake, Laurel, Todd, Kelly, Jaxon, Zak and Soon SOPHIE!! Hope everyone had a fabulous birthday! (this is all just Family too, April is a crazy birthday month)

Friday, April 11, 2008

It's a GIRL!!!!

We are so excited!! I am still a little confused, i just knew it was a BOY, cause i am so BIG already! We took Boston with us to find out and he was so cute, he said "AW MAN, i wanted it to be a brother, but i guess it will still be fun" He has been so cute now, so we know he is pretty excited now!

We finally got our internet hooked up, and yes you can survive without it, but it is absolute TORTURE!! we are off for our "SPRING BREAK" to The beautiful island of Maui!
WOO HOO.....
My body really needs to see the sun! Ha ha

The little Gym...

On Wednesdays my little nephew Brody comes over to play for the day so we decided to do something exciting for "3" Very active "3" year olds...
"The little Gym" is so cute it is a little gymnastics place for kids to go and play games and actually go crazy on Mats! It's a Sports skills training class and They loved it and our Cute little neighbors were there too, we didn't even know it!
So now Olivia is the Rose amongst all the Thorns....(The Only girl in the class) haha
Brody, Hayes, Olivia, and KJ

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Saturday Conference...

Boston and i had such a great time going to the Saturday morning conference session with my sister Rachel, and Steve and kids (they were here visiting).
It was his first time going to The conference center and what a great experience to be there for the Solemn assembly. It was Wonderful!!

~After the first session we went to "The Grand America", where they were staying and all the kids went swimming in the indoor pool.
Then we were off to watch Boston play in his Soccer game, and then we all went to Tepanyaki for dinner while the Boys were at the Priesthood session.
It was a fun filled day, that is for sure!!

Happy Birthday Mindy!!!

Happy Birthday to my Sister who looks pretty dang good for "36"!! hehe
We all went to the Olive Garden, which is her fav and had a super fun lunch with friends!
Love you tons Mindy. I hope you won Both Soccer games!!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Science Fair...

Boston's School had their annual "Science Fair" Yesterday and Today. Boston was one of the few 2nd graders who had entered and he did such a cool project! His project was "Making Sparks"! He made a holder with a pie tin and rubbed a wool rag on a styrofoam plate and therefore creating an "electrophorus"! It was so fun to see him get so excited about entering. There were some really cool projects there too. They didn't get graded but today he was excited when he came home from school with a Ribbon!
Way to Go Boston!!

(do i need to even explain the laying out of his project....It was all his doing, which was hard for me to ;)
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