Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Boston!!

I cannot believe i have a "TEENAGER"
wow, time goes by fast.  i love every moment! {well not every moment}

Boston is fully into Lacrosse this year, so he asked for lots of Lax stuff.  He is definitely
a teenager when he gets excited for clothes!

this boy is so much fun! he is such a great kid and i love watching him grow into a young man.
it is such a joy to be his mom! 

this year we grabbed a few friends and headed to "Lowes's Xtreme Airsports"  Pretty much his
favorite place.  Since Boston was 4 years old all he would do is backflip and
 do tricks on the tramp.  how perfect for him to go to the ultimate jumping spot to celebrate. 
I could watch him all day long.  He is seriously so coordinated and makes areals and flips
 look so easy.  

I forgot my real camera at home! {insert major sigh} so these are all taken from my iphone, and i 
video'd most of it! oops.

we all loved watching him open his presents that morning!

He has the greatest friends!

there he is backflipping the top of the rock wall. 

i love how little miss ivy picked out her outfit on his birthday. hahaha   she is hilarious!!

                              :: Hayes ::                                                                       ::Olivia::

we came home from lowe's and celebrated with Boston's favorite "Sweet Tooth Fairy" cupcakes.

then upstairs to his quarters for some 'call of duty' x boxing before we head 
out to his favorite dinner spot... "Tepanyaki"

i love how cory is making him smile at the camera.  
He is now at the age where he is bugged at taking pictures. ha!

later that night 2 of his buddies who were at a Lax tournament came over to see him! jake and zack crack me up.  we exchanged gifts since zacks bday is on july 4th and jake's is july 19th.  Their gift from boston was "Captains quarters!"  they then proceeded to jump and do tricks in just their CQ's!  
we were all laughing so hard!!

it was the perfect way to end his fun filled day!   

Taylor Family Reunion 2012!

we started the reunion on the 'fourth of july'  
one day the boys went down the provo river kayaking, while the girls got pedicures and went out
 to breakfast.  Cory said the kayaking was a blast.   just check out those stretchy pants. haha
then we met up for lunch and played kickball... adults against kids.  good times!

these cute girlies always wanted cute high buns.  

after a yummy dinner we all got ready for family pictures.. attempting this many grandchildren 
{most of them under the age of 6} is always comical.  haha
loved the number idea!! Each child got to color their number.

my kids are... #4, #12, #13, #14 & #19


the blue group!  cousins the same age!

we celebrated July birthdays... Boston, Victoria & uncle Jake
then the kids all got ready for "Nana's Camp!"
Nana stays the night in the tent with the kids, they make banana boats, and then in the morning
they eat papa's pancakes.  she does this every year. They all love Nana's camp!

ivy attempted it this year but then after we went out to dinner we stopped by just in time
for her to melt down & come home. haha

fourth of july...

We kicked off our fourth of july with the Taylor Family Reunion.  Family came in from 
Arizona, Washington and West Virginia.   all Cory's siblings were together and all 28
grandchildren with 3 new little babies.

we are growing quite large.  Jake and Candace were in charge this year and planned 
lots of activities with beads that they got to put on their "Big T" necklace if they passed 
off the activities.  it was well planned and my children were in cousin heaven!
sleepovers every night and plenty of late nights!! 

the scouts presented the flag early on the fourth and then we spent 2 hours on a service project.
all the kids and family cleaned up broken tree branches, trimmed trees and did lots of
 yard work at Aunt Mary's {Mary Pulley} 

it was  a great way to start out the fourth of july honoring our beautiful country, and 
watching our boys present the flag.
I always choke up this time of year and am so grateful for the freedoms that we enjoy.
we are truly blessed!

getting our gloves on to start our service project...

Uncle Sam showed up with music to say hi to the little kids! haha  

these girls are tired and done helping. ha  
i guess they had a late night at their sleepover!

after the service project we played all sorts of water games, launched water balloons and 
played on papa's go kart!

after we had lunch and played games at nana's house we shifted over to our house for a polynesian chicken and coconut rice dinner.  the kids performed skits and passed off some more beads for their "big T" necklace.

we played all night and then watched the fireworks from our own backyard.  it was quite the 
show with the neighborhood fireworks and watching the fire
 on the mountain all night.

 these crazies were hilarious holding hands together and backflipping at the same time.  It's amazing no one was injured that day... er uh well actually cute little cousin hailey broke her leg that night.  good thing my awesome neighbor is our pediatrician.  boo!

Red, White & Blue swim meet...

my kids are on the swim team this summer and love it!

this was the twins FIRST swim meet and they were pumped.  I was so nervous that
they would be freaked out, but they did awesome!!

hayes and olivia swam in 'freestyle' & 'backstroke'
hayes placed "5th" in both {who knew they gave medals for 5th place?} 
and olivia placed 10th in freestyle. {she got a ribbon}

Boston swam the 50m butterfly, backstroke and freestyle
placing 1st in all 3 events with a record for freestyle.  
He was pumped!  

olivia loved having her bff tessa there to swim with!  

Hang Time.

The new "Hang Time" in Orem is seriously the Bomb! my kids loved every second of 
jumping into foam pits, playing dodge ball and just hanging 
with their arizona cousins!

the taylor family reunion was starting on the 4th of july so we had a little pre partying before that.  

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