Thursday, July 12, 2012

Taylor Family Reunion 2012!

we started the reunion on the 'fourth of july'  
one day the boys went down the provo river kayaking, while the girls got pedicures and went out
 to breakfast.  Cory said the kayaking was a blast.   just check out those stretchy pants. haha
then we met up for lunch and played kickball... adults against kids.  good times!

these cute girlies always wanted cute high buns.  

after a yummy dinner we all got ready for family pictures.. attempting this many grandchildren 
{most of them under the age of 6} is always comical.  haha
loved the number idea!! Each child got to color their number.

my kids are... #4, #12, #13, #14 & #19


the blue group!  cousins the same age!

we celebrated July birthdays... Boston, Victoria & uncle Jake
then the kids all got ready for "Nana's Camp!"
Nana stays the night in the tent with the kids, they make banana boats, and then in the morning
they eat papa's pancakes.  she does this every year. They all love Nana's camp!

ivy attempted it this year but then after we went out to dinner we stopped by just in time
for her to melt down & come home. haha

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Mary Rose Lalli said...

Love your family photo! We only have 19 +1 but may steal your idea for number placards. What was the significance of the color of the tshirts?

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